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TBZ’s ‘Surprisingly Affordable’ range trumps jewellery promotion without discount



TBZ’s ‘Surprisingly Affordable’ range trumps jewellery promotion without discount

Discounts are an essential part of any business. Likewise, the jewellery industry relies heavily on discounts to attract customers on and off season. But what if a retailer can attract customers purely based on price point and yet not build the promotional pitch on discounts? TBZ has shown a beautiful way to do that with their ongoing campaign of #surprisinglyaffordable.

Since November 8, the luxury jewellery brand is running a campaign that is quite different from their pitches about high-ticket ranges. The campaign consists of still images and videos showing the purity of their diamonds, design, finish and gold quality altogether to inform an everyday jewellery buyer comprehensively.

There are two ways by which they are approaching the target. One is by relating to how moods and fashion change for an individual, which creates demand for attractive fine jewellery. Secondly, they are promoting the affordability of the ranges, which excite a customer to inquire about the jewellery beyond costs alone. “All our initiatives are focused on high customer satisfaction and giving the best value to our customers. So, we don’t need to offer discounts to make it more lucrative,” said Binaisha Zaveri, Director, TBZ The Original.

TBZ – The Original has always been perceived as a brand that is native to heavy jewellery, suitable for weddings and special occasions, said Zaveri. “However, what our customers miss out on is that we do cater to jewellery that can be adorned in day-to-day life as well. Therefore, to remarketthat segment, we came up with this concept of ‘Surprisingly Affordable’, which highlights our diamond and gold jewellery,” she maintained. The brand is offering diamond jewellery starting at Rs 30,000 and gold jewellery making charges as low as 7% per gram.

This brand building campaign started in Diwali and is doing well, with each promotional video getting over 900 views within just days of release. This is indeed a brilliant marketing technique wherein value for money is the sole catalyst for movement of a certain form of inventory without the incentives of discounts.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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