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Chemmanure Jewellers involves customers to create dream designs



Chemmanure Jewellers customisation

In what can be described as breaking the fourth wall of jewellery design, Chemmanure Jewellers has enhanced their customization programme through their latest opportunity to the customers to design their own jewellery.

According to the offer, the customers can either plan their design with jewellery designers one-on-one inside the showroom or via virtual video chats, where they help visualise the design through sketches. Once everything is set and the client finalises the design, Chemmanure Jewellers then customises a piece of fine jewellery as per the specification.

The brand has deputed senior sales executives to help customers with such orders. The salesperson will understand customer demand based on the idea conceptualized and the estimated budget for the same. Based on the feedback of the customer, the person concerned creates the design in front of the customer. After a rough design is created and approved by the customer, the design goes for final production.

The jeweller follows a standard policy for customized orders wherein if it’s a new customer, he/she is asked to pay a standard amount in advance and the final amount is paid after the product is manufactured. A regular customer is exempted of advance charges.

According to Anoop Chemmanure, managing director of Chemmanure Jewellers, the delivery dates are usually based on the kind of design selected and its place of manufacture. Certain designs take a week, whereas few can take a month to be made.

There is an increasing demand for customization over the years, said Chemmanure. “The service is available in both gold and diamond jewellery. One of the major factors behind the phenomena is the visibility of online platforms. With people spending a considerable amount of time on the internet, they see a lot of jewellery designs. So, whenever they visit the store, they bring the designs with them and ask the team to create a similar design.”

Buyers are able to translate their thoughts to the best of their abilities as the brand presents each customer the chance to get the design of their dreams.

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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