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Tanishq’s social media campaign ‘Chain of Goodness’ celebrates good Samaritans

As a touching gesture, the brand took a selfless step to prioritise the noble deeds of societal development to regular jewellery promotional campaigns with this campaign.



In the past several months, there have been numerous acts of kindness from various sections of the society. In order to celebrate those selfless heroes and bring them into the limelight, Tanishq came up with the ‘Chain of Goodness’ campaign on its social media platforms. According to the initiative, Tanishq shared a series of heartwarming and inspirational stories of kindness from unknown people who have come forward and contributed in this time of hardship.

As a touching gesture, the brand took a selfless step to prioritise the noble deeds of societal development to regular jewellery promotional campaigns with this campaign. The brand shared an inspiring story of a couple from Ahmedabad, who unfortunately had lost their only son to Covid-19 last year. The couple had decided to save the lives of other patients of the virus by setting a high benchmark of selflessness. They withdrew their fixed deposit and donated Rs.15 lakhs for the treatment of those patients. The couple also distributed kits and essential materials to 200 other patients who were in quarantine. In addition to this, they had also offered their personal car to be used as an ambulance to transport patients in need of emergency hospitalisation.

Saluting similar initiatives, the brand also brought public attention to a man named Gaurav Rai from Patna.He is popularly called the ‘Oxygen Man’ for saving the lives of more than 1,100 patients in home isolation in Patna by providing them with free oxygen. Last year, Gaurav was infected by the deadly coronavirus and witnessed the dire need for oxygen cylinders by Covid-19 patients. At that time, he promised his wife that if he survives, he will do something for mankind. So, when he recovered, he and his wife decided to run a free oxygen bank so that no one has to struggle to breathe.

Tanishq also highlighted the work done by Aprajita Krishna, head of the Physics department at Patna Women’s College. Aprajita and her daughter Kritika have been providing food to almost 100 Covid-19 patients at their doorstep free-of-cost.

‘Chain of Goodness’ also talked about Champalal Gurjar from Madhya Pradesh, who wanted a grand and memorable wedding for his daughter, but the dire need of medical oxygen for Covid-19 cases made him change plans. Gurjar handed over a cheque of Rs 2 lakhs to the district collector for buying medical oxygen cylinders for the district hospital and for Jeeran Tehsil, where he lives. His daughter Anita was overwhelmed by her father’s noble deed and fully supported him in this heartfelt gesture for the larger good.

Tanishq also shared the contributions of Javed Khan from Bhopal, who has been working as an auto-rickshaw driver for 18 years. Moved by the urgent need of ambulances around him, Javed transformed his 3-wheeler into an ambulance. He also equipped it with oxygen support, sanitizers, and medicine. Javednow transports patients to the hospitals for free and has served more than 10 people in the last 15-20 days.

Such stories restore faith in mankind and with the pandemic showing little signs of nationwide reduction, Tanishq’s selfless campaigning brought smiles to the lives of many and gave people the necessary leads to the real good Samaritansthe country needs now.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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