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Tanishq launches ‘String It’, a lightweight jewellery collection




This range consists of an eclectic range made of diamonds, gold and rose gold that combine to amp up the style quotient with classy, candid & effortlessly elegant, everyday neckwear 

MUMBAI: Tanishq recently launched its stunning ‘String It’ collection, which is an assortment of modern, contemporary, and lightweight jewellery from necklaces to pendants with chain, the ‘String It’ collection is exclusively crafted to elevate your style quotient.

This versatile collection of elevated neckwear is designed to complement contemporary lifestyles and celebrates modern chains, necklaces, necklaces & earring sets and pendants with chains encompassing all jewellery that will adorn necklines.

This exquisite range highlights a luminous world of diamonds, dazzling gold and glistening rose gold, celebrating the diverse styles adorned by women. Each design is crafted to be both stylish and comfortable. With its lightweight and chic designs, this range is perfect for everyday wear, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. Tanishq’s ‘String It’ collection offers strong value for money and functional stability, ensuring high-quality, fashionable pieces.

Join us in redefining everyday elegance with ‘String It’, where simplicity meets sophistication. Tanishq’s collection is an ode to those candid, classy moments that make life beautiful. These designs are a perfect companion to every facet of your life, no matter how casual or elegant the occasion. It’s a celebration of those quiet, authentic moments & the jewellery that adds a touch of brilliance to them.


Speaking on the collection, Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Company Limited, said, “We have witnessed lightweight jewellery pieces making waves amongst our customers. Observing this trend, we are expanding our range of lightweight jewellery designs to meet evolving customer preferences. We are thrilled to introduce ‘String It’, our stylish and lightweight neckwear collection that has garnered impressive attention. Tanishq’s ‘String It’ is an assortment of classy, candid, and effortlessly elegant neckwear. Each design is meticulously crafted to blend style and comfort; ensuring customers can adorn themselves with the beauty of these jewellery pieces.”

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