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Tanishq launches its grand festive collection- EKATVAM



5th October 2020: Tanishq, India’s largest and the most preferred jewellery brand has unveiled an exclusive collection for the festive season called ‘Ekatvam’. The collection is inspired by the theme of ‘Oneness’ and is a true confluence of India’s finest art forms, intricately knitted into one magnificent collection that brings alive the beauty of Oneness.

Ekatvam is an ode to the rich artistry of some of the India’s best Karigars who have come together in spirit of togetherness from around the country. The splendor of this collection lies in the integration of various regions across India featuring 15 different art forms, bound together as one masterpiece in each piece of jewellery.

The exquisite collection features stunning designs where elegance merges with solidity and modernity with use of various unique Karigari techniques like Nakkashi, Rawa work, Kit- Kita work and Chandak layering. The delicate patterns and effortless artistry highlight the rich origin of these Karigari techniques. In Tanishq’s festive collection, craftsmanship is combined with the finest Indian art forms signifying the vision of togetherness that resides in the core thought of Ekatvam.

Speaking on the launch of Ekatvam collection, Ms. Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Company Limited saidIn recent times, despite the distances, we have all come together as one. At Tanishq, we believe in the beauty of unity and have been knitted together by empathy, compassion, and care despite all odds. Our latest festive collection ‘Ekatvam’ is inspired by the theme of ‘Oneness’.

We wanted to unite our customers, Karigars, and our jewellery in a way that is symbiotic of humanity’s confluence at this time. The whole challenge was to be true to the design philosophy of oneness while also staying true to the philosophy of beauty. In the jewellery world, we have forever knitted these art forms beautifully and with Ekatvam we bring alive the confluence of India’s finest art forms, intricately knitted into one magnificent collection that bring alive the beauty of Oneness. We sincerely hope our festive Collection will add a bit of sparkle to our customer’s festivities.”

 Mr. Arun Narayan, VP Category, Marketing & Retail, Tanishq, Titan Company Limited said, “The past six months have made us realize a few things through the selfless acts of our people across the country and our own experiences dealing with many challenges of these times. “Oneness” is a key essence of humanity and it is paramount to come together as one, to help each other rebuild and prevail over these challenges. We are celebrating and expressing this through the brand and collection thought of “Ekatvam”. The new, exciting collection is a confluence of various art forms from around the country featuring the artistry of our nation’s best karigars across craft centers bringing alive the central thought of the ‘beauty of oneness’. Importantly, this collection we believe will help strongly rebuild the livelihoods of our jewellery Karigars across India and illuminate their homes this Diwali”

Celebrate the spirit of Oneness with Tanishq’s exquisite festive collection – ‘Ekatvam’. Starting at Rs 40,000, the collection will be available across all Tanishq stores in India and on Tanishq’s e-commerce platform http://www.tanishq.co.in.

Here are some of the Showstopper pieces from the Ekatvam collection-

This piece features fine balance of artistic craftsmanship with a Veni inspired pendant that ties together Chandak and Kundan art forms stunningly. It matches the brightness of being surrounded by loved ones.

This magnificent neckpiece is a confluence of layered Jali work closely intertwined with Rawa inspired borders that signify the strength of togetherness. The trickling accents of rubies tie all styles into one. This piece brings together diverse moments into one artistic creation.

The lustrous confluence of Rajasthan and Bengal. The splendor of Kundan interwoven with the grace of Filigree. When grandiose melds with intricacy, the result is nothing less than this striking piece. This pair of bangles reflects the beauty of togetherness in one dazzling piece.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.




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