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Tanishq avows its adherence to benevolence with #YouMakeBeautiful campaign  



Tanishq avows its adherence to benevolence with #YouMakeBeautiful campaign  

The campaign ad, starring Mona Singh and Satyadeep Misra, sheds light on the plight of housemaids. The ad featured an alluring diamond pendant and earrings 

Mumbai: Tanishq by Titan recently launched a brand campaign across its social media handles. The #YouMakeBeautiful campaign, which has actors Mona Singh and Satyadeep Misra at the helm of affairs, was centered around philanthropy and a progressive, compassionate frame of mind.  

The premise of the ad is set around a discussion between a couple about the events of a housing society meeting. The character played by the ‘Laal Singh Chadda’ actor is the president of a housing society and has returned from a meet. In a conversation with the character played by Satyadeep, Singh conveys her annoyance with the usual eccentric proposals that a fellow society member suggests.

She further reveals the proposal she tabled at the meeting. In a display of a considerate mindset, she managed to have the members approve an idea to set up a daycare in the society for the children of housemaids and nannies serving at homes in the society. Tanishq, through the means of the ad campaign, looks to reiterate their alignment with progressive reforms. The brand encourages customers to adopt more ethical practices with the #YouMakeBeautiful campaign. The plot encapsulates the feeling of sensitivity meticulously.  

The ad, with its captured mid-frames, accentuates the diamond pendant and earring worn by the actor. The lighting is set to provide visual prominence to the jewellery. The environment has deliberated use of pallid colour to direct attention towards the jewellery.  


The campaign ad sheds light on the progressive mindset of women in charge, who try to solve societal disparity as per their capabilities. In this case, Singh’s character spotted a concern for the family of housemaids and gathered consensus to solve the issue. Tanishq highlights such leadership skills with this ad and identifies its product portfolio with such personalities. 

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