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Talismanic Jewellery: Channelling The Power Of Totems is the new trend in the market




Evil eye pendants, zodiac signs and mystic symbols – protective pieces are lending a new charm to jewellery

Whether it was the turbulent pandemic or personal struggles, the innate desire to acquire a sense of calm has made jewellery enthusiasts seek solace in the calm of talismanic pieces. From evil eyes to zodiac pendants, charms have been in use for centuries, acting as more than opulent decorations in our effort to ward off evil, seek fortune’s favour or channel more positivity in life. And if you are looking for your cosmic charm for an extra good juju, here are a few amulets to choose from:

Evil Eye

The concept of ‘nazar’ is a shared belief in India and worldwide. Here, the evil eye amulet, a common and recurring symbol in Asian cultures, comes into play, warding off negative energy and vibes. An evil eye is also believed to absorb positivity around you, encouraging you on your journey towards happiness. While this charm comes in various colours, blue and indigo are the most popular of the lot owing to historical beliefs that a black-blue-white charm is the most effective. You can wear this mystical symbol as a neckpiece or bracelet and double up your statement piece as a conversation starter.

Snake Jewellery


From the bible to temples in Egypt, snakes have been symbolic of regeneration and growth, and even royalty and divinity, since time immemorial. This sacred reptile also stands for transformation, fertility and circle of life, just a few of the attributes associated with this talisman over the years. The Serpenti motif by Bulgari propelled an era of snake-inspired masterpieces, which has trickled down into a broad range of pieces such as rings, bracelets and arm cuffs. 

Zodiac Signs

The most definitive guide to personality traits, zodiac jewellery panders to the prevalent belief that your signs dictate your characteristics. While the accuracy of the zodiac wheel is still under debate, these individualised charms often lend symbolic strength to your best traits and offer a quirky spiritual touch to your sartorial choices. You can also combine them with preferred gemstones and manifest a better year. 

Hamsa Hand

Hamsa hand – an upward-facing hand with an eye in the centre, is often worn as an amulet to ward off evil and bring good luck to the wearer. While this talisman has religious associations with Judaism and Islam, everyone is free to wear this charm, crafted out of different metals and embellished with gemstones before being fashioned into rings, amulets, pendants and more.

Courtesy: The Indian Express

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