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Orra’s new digital campaign draws from what is common in the fast-moving consumer goods section, and introduces 0% down payment and interest on EMI payments in jewellery to bring together all the positive sentiments that bind a wedding

A wedding encompasses so many emotions- the bride’s anticipation, the joy in the entire household, and the pain of separation. What many do not talk about when it comes to wedding emotions is the financial stress that the bride’s father goes through. Orra’s new campaign focuses on this intrinsic factor that dictates the nature of all Indian weddings.

The campaign opens with a conversation between the bride’s parents, who are driving, most probably on a shopping spree for their daughter’s wedding. Amid worries of the ever-increasing guest list creating a dent in their pockets, the father expresses his desire to include continental in the wedding menu with a knowing grin. The next montage is that of Orra, which announces 0% interest EMI on all their jewellery so that “the bride’s father can also enjoy his daughter’s wedding”.

While saving schemes are a regular in the sector, with most jeweller’s offering 11-month plans adhering to RBI guidelines, Emi’s are quite new to the sector. Amid this, a jeweller offering 0% interest on their EMI plans shows how jewellers are willing to embrace the new and digital adaptability in the predominantly traditional business. It’s unlike the saving schemes where you pay in advance and defer the joy of owing the piece.

What the campaign emphasizes on is a jeweller’s zeal to adapt to a customer’s needs in these trying times, which will, inadvertently establish faith in the sector and in jewellery as an investment option. Now, you can own jewellery first and pay at your convenience later.


As published in The Retail Jeweller India magazine

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