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SuperWomen’s Day Collection by Antara Jewellery



It is that time of the year when one needs to express their sincere gratitude towards the women force who has been the backbone during stressed times in the previous year. Whether it’s a doctor, nurse, working woman and housewives, everyone has immensely supported and given their best towards mankind in one form or the another. A health official who has worked day night because of the pandemic, a working woman who has effectively mastered the balance between Work From Home and Work at Home, selflessly, a housewife who ensured that her family is healthy and protected via nutrition and constant care, its time we honour them for their rigorous efforts and selfless endeavours.

In honour of these power-packed super females, Antara Jewellery has launched the women’s day collection. The collection features Infinity diamond bracelet, Spiral diamond earrings and pendant set, Wave Bangle, Linear Square Bangle, Tri-Tone leaves bracelet, Pearl Earrings, Entwined ring, Glittering floret earrings especially to make the women in your life feel special and honoured.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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