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Under Sunil Nayak’s guidance, Reliance Jewels have come to be a brand for all occasions and all regions. It launched over 20 unique campaigns (across scales) in the last financial year. One of the unique ways the brand is making communication effective is by focusing on storytelling to enrapture the audience and tapping into the cultural nuances to connect with customers across regions.

One of the most important lessons to learn from the brand communication of Reliance Jewels has been its evolving nature year-on-year. Over the past few years, Nayak has helped the brand get its focus back on design and quality.

Nayak believes that customers have always had a strong emotional attachment to jewellery and the brand has to give its audience emotional fulfillment with each of its products that carry a great design story relating to inspirations from its culture, heritage, and pride.

To that end, the brand has steadily introduced design stories inspired by local culture and history, across different states of India. It has allowed the brand to not only explore new possibilities in creativity but also build back stories that have strong cultural contexts.
These inspiring and enchanting stories have sparked innovation in form and craft above and beyond stirring the emotions of consumers by embedding history and value in its communication and tone.

As India gets more and more globalized, there is a contrary movement to weave back Indianness in our narratives and Reliance seems to be tapping into this sentiment of consumers very successfully. Glorifying the design stories has helped the brand to strike a chord with local customers who value and associate with the deep cultural nuances of the design collections. Overall, this approach is steadily enhancing the brand’s association with its target audience in various regional belts.

Nayak has also championed the idea of creating collections relevant to small joyous moments of life. These collections are targeted at not just the big festivals and special occasions, but more importantly the less-celebrated occasions, personal milestones, and self-gifting. From launching contests that allow customers to share their stories of love and gratitude to brand-messages gratifying women, the brand is building a strong relationship, one customer at a time!

While the focus on digital marketing has increased significantly during the pandemic, Reliance Jewels is exploring other avenues to ensure that the audience gets the right message. The idea is to have a clear and simple story behind every campaign that resonates and makes a difference to the customers. For an enhanced customer experience, Nayak is resolute in leading Reliance Jewels to reinvent itself with its brand marketing strategies.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India

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