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Store experience to become the key differentiator



Indian Retail is poised for unprecedented growth, expected to touch $1500 billion by 2020 and to capture that huge growth opportunity, one needs to pay attention to understanding consumers, price consistency, store visibility and store pick-up,” said Maneesh Mittal, head, e-commerce and big data, Croma.

He also explained Croma’s strategy which revolved around digital influence. The strategy involves changed success metric, focus on ‘store as a theatre’, store-based online engagement and personalisation.

According to him, the retailers are facing face more profitability challenges than normal, for instance, lower sales, lower gross margins and higher rentals, for example, in food and grocery retail.

Mittal showed how redefining ecommerce has helped Croma in achieving superior consumer engagement and conversion. Price consistency, better hygiene features and a prompt after sales enquiry and promotion are the hallmark of a great retail strategy, according to him.

The shift is now from omni-channel to digital influence. “The retailers now leveraging online presence to offline sales,” said Mittal. Experience will drive sales among millennial, said he.

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