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Bhagat Jewellers brings men to the fore with Shreeman



In India, jewellery has always been associated with women. Men, although having the penchant for it, have only been offered rings, bracelets and chains across showrooms. Presenting a fresh gifting opportunity, Meerut-based Bhagat Jewellers launched its first flagship exhibition for men’s jewellery called Shreeman. Gold rings and bands, diamond studded rings, solitaire rings and bands and an exclusive collection of multi-colour bands without rhodium polish and with natural heating points of gold attracted male bling lovers.

Aadhar Manglik, Director, Bhagat Jewellers said, “The idea behind the launch was to educate our customers about the various options one can have in men’s jewellery. There is a big vacuum to fill.” The demand for innovative men’s jewellery has been across different geographical and demographical fields, subject to consumer preferences for gifting something precious to the man in the family. “The need for innovation and designing in men’s jewellery has hit the market long before, but this sector remains untouched. We recognized this need and then came out with Shreeman to cater this need,” explains Aadhar.

Lightweight and heavyweight are equally trendy for men, feels Aadhar, as diamond-studded watches, thick hollow chains, heavy neckpieces for groom’s sherwani were big hits at Shreeman. Today’s generation also welcomes sober styles and wants experimentation. Likewise, items such as diamond and gold cufflinks, multipurpose buttons, coat pins, tie pins, diamond-studded pens, etc, got an overwhelming response.

The campaign has offered gifting solutions to various relationships of one’s lives involving men. There is gold a spectacle frame that a daughter can gift to her father, while a wife may choose a multi-coloured daily wear band for her husband. Cufflinks, tie-pins and multi-purpose buttons became ideal gifts to a brother, a rudraksha or a tulsi mala for a grandfather, while a diamond-studded Mont Blanc pen became the best for a son-in-law. The advertising campaign also revolved around the need to pamper men with jewellery.

Overwhelming response

Shreeman’s variety gave the brand first mover advantage from the people of Meerut. Customers walk in, asking for their exclusive men’s jewellery range. This has also aided complementary sales of women’s jewellery. “The event generated huge walk-ins and also helped Bhagat Jewellers to reach new and prospective customers. The constant queries we have been getting related to men’s jewellery after this exhibition are proof that there is a huge demand for men’s jewellery. If this sector is looked after properly and we expand its inventory significantly, it will boost the growth of overall jewellery sector in India,” says Aadhar.

Courtesy: Manoj Chakraborty

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