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SGL Labs leads the way to the future of jewellery certificates



Natural and laboratory-grown diamonds co-exist today, accepted by both consumers and the trade. We believe the growth of laboratory-grown diamonds will expand the overall diamond market and bring in new customers.
According to a study, the global synthetic diamond market was worth US$15.7 billion in 2014. The low cost of manufacturing the synthetic diamonds in comparison to natural diamonds and the rise in the number of industrial applications of synthetic diamonds, the market is expected to witness a rise of close to 100% in the next eight years, ending up at US$28.8 billion by 2023. Previously it was used only for industrial purposes but nowadays it is used in jewelry too.

We are a Gemological lab that certifies and differentiates between natural and synthetic diamonds. With the increased use of synthetic diamonds in jewelry, we do see more work coming our way in detection and certification as well.

As per the current scenario, certification is no more just about a diamond’s color or clarity grades. The Nature of Origin for every piece of diamond has become an essential part of the certification procedure.

Lab-grown diamonds are graded on the same quality characteristics as mined diamonds and exhibit the same variance in color, clarity, and size.

The new SGL lab-grown reports are the result of more than a year of research, development, and consultation with the board and industry experts.

In order to create awareness about diamonds and their origins amongst buyers, the SGL Diamond Report includes a detailed description of the diamond’s 4Cs – Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight along with the nature of the origin of the diamond, whether lab-grown or mined. We also provide a plotted diagram of the diamond’s characteristics along with a graphic representation of its proportions.

SGL practices methods of certification that allow us to grade lab-grown diamonds as accurately as mounting permits in the same manner as mined diamonds. A lab-grown diamond jewelry report gives added insurance to the buyer. Provided with an easy-to-understand representation of the jewelry through photographs and proper documentation, the report is an authentic official document – a symbol of guarantee for everyday customers.

An SGL Diamond Report is a mark of assurance for the buyer who wishes to purchase diamonds confidently. Full disclosure of its lab-grown origins helps in making an educated decision. Every SGL Diamond Jewelry Report carries the SGL diamond trust mark which is the assurance of stringent diamond quality control.

It is important to note that the color and clarity grades do not reflect the rarity of the laboratory-grown diamond, but rather the quality and consistency of the manufacturing process.

As stated above, SGL Lab-Grown Diamond Reports will not only identify the technology used to grow the diamond but also all  lab-grown diamonds certified by SGL will also be inscribed with the report number and the letters ‘LG.’
We need advanced technologies that can differentiate between a Natural and a Lab-grown diamond. SGL takes this issue very seriously and hence along with its research and development team it has put in time and effort in co-developing its state-of-the-art technology.

The company has operated on a transparent policy to display the technology at trade shows to create awareness and organized several demo sessions at their laboratories worldwide for their customers to experience the reliability first hand. The screening services for both natural and lab-grown diamonds are available at all SGL branches.

SGL places a premium not only on the quality of our grading expertise and customer service but also on our values and high ethical standards. As we look to the future, SGL must continue to be driven by those values of fairness and reliability with professional ethics.

Visit our website to know more about how our international laboratory locations can help you certify your lab-grown diamonds across the globe.


Lab-grown diamonds are currently sold at a reduced price compared to natural diamonds, but the cost continues to decline due to economies of scale. As lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical and structural makeup as a natural diamond, the comparison around them is more about sustainability and price. Lab-grown diamond prices will drop significantly in the future, relative to the price of a comparable natural diamond.
– Shirin Bandukwalla, Director, SGL


They say Natural Diamonds are forever, but their market surely isn’t. The mined diamond industry is going through a hard phase today. Consumers demand environmental and social responsibility from the gem and jewelry industry. SGL will provide the best assurance of a lab-grown diamond’s quality by way of certification.
– Chirag Soni, Director, SGL


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