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Senco Gold and Diamonds’ tribute to women on International Women’s Day



Women are playing a great role in the growth and development of our country. In today’s society, they have achieved a very active role and act as the agents of developments. To acknowledge and honor the contribution of such women achievers this Women’s Day, Senco Gold & Diamonds – most trusted and women’s preferred jewellery brand  has unveiled a series of videos christened ‘Inspirators’ which motivates women across society to follow their dreams. The series which consists of 8 videos, features powerful voices of renowned actressVidyaBalan, healthcare industry leader Rupali Basu, actress Jaya Ahsan, women’s right activist Anuradha Kapoor, Wild life photographer Ashwika Kapoor , dancer Dona Ganguly , entrepreneur Sujata Chatterjee, Film Director Sudeshna Roy narrating their journey to success and rise to fame. The videos have beautifully captured their incredible journey from their childhood. These tales also tell us how we all have Inspiring Women in our everyday life.

The motivational ‘Inspirators Series’ kicked off with the tale of actress VidyaBalan how she grew up, what inspired her to become an actress and how she made her name in the entertainment industry. The second video features the tale of Ms. Rupali Basu on her journey in the healthcare industry and accomplishments. Similarly, the series has tales of other achievers, Women activist Ms. Anuradha Kapoor of SWAYAM NGO spoke about her experience, Entrepreneur and MD of TWIRL Store, Ms. Sujata Chatterjee highlightedabout her business journey and how she recycled and up-scaled old fabrics, wild life photographer Ashwika Kapoor, dancer Dona Ganguly, film directorSudeshna Royon how they succeeded in their lives and what inspired them to be who they are today. Through these tales, the achievers have tried to inspire and motivate women across sphere of work and services tofollow their dreams and believe in themselves that they can do everything. They also give out a message to all the women to believe in their worth and never doubt their abilities.

On 8th March 2021, PadmaShri awardee and para athlete Deepa Malik will be in live conversation with Joita Sen, Director and Head of Design and Marketing, Senco Gold & Diamonds, sharing her experience and journey in the field of sports and how she inspires an entire generation of sports enthusiasts in the country with her dedication.  Deepa has represented our country across globe. She became the first Indian woman to win a medal in Paralympic Games when she won a Silver medal at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in shot put. Besides this, she has also won gold in F-53/54 Javelin event at the para athletic grand Prix held in Dubai in 2018.

To further celebrate the InternationalWomen’s Day, Senco Gold and Diamonds will also be releasing a TVC ‘Haan Hum ChuriyanPehente Hain’ showcasing the situations of different women busy in their respective field of work and services. The women in the TVC are seen wearing bangles, and the voice over narrates and acts as their voice which talks about power, strength and capabilities of women in all strata of their lives. The TVC also tries to negate this proverb that bangles denotes weakness.

Commenting on this new TVC,Joita Sen said, ‘The TVC demonstrates the power of women in all strata of our society. They are all doers in their own right. They are all contributors in shaping their own destiny. Through this promotional film, we at Senco Gold & Diamonds pay our tribute to all women across the country.’

‘The bangles or Churiya women wear are symbols of emancipation, but ‘Churiyapehen lo’ is an often-heard statement thrown at any male who is perceived to be weak, passive or emotional, which also demeans women and their abilities. The idea in the video series negates the very notion that bangles denotes any form of weakness,’ she added.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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