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‘Netizens like Sawansukha’s virtual store, a brilliant call-to-action post pandemic’



Sawansukha Jewellers’ virtual store changes the game of jewellery shopping in East India

Sawansukha Jewellers is a great example for the traditional family brands today. The pandemic potboiler has tested the efficacy of every business. Those that survived, had the willingness and vision to thrive. That is what the brand did with the first-ever virtual jewellery store in India. Thereafter, it stole the show with a promotional campaign last year.

When everyone was shut indoors during the lockdown, Sawansukha Jewellers blended the concept of augmented reality with their chosen offerings in diamond, jadau and gold. One could then enter a gamified virtual space whereby clicking on indicators and buttons on the screen, a prospect gets to visit the three floors of the brand’s flagship store in Kolkata. Promoting that through a campaign, the brand went full throttle on Instagram during May 2021.

The campaign encouraged prospects and buyers to take a selfie and try on the jewellery virtually. Once impressed, one can book a one-on-one appointment with any Sawansukha branch for a video demonstration, in which the customer can see the jewellery more vividly. In order to buy, the customer can visit the store.

“Often, there are multiple requests from a prospect who has liked the jewellery virtually. They may want a budget-friendly piece or alterations in the gemstones. One is then directed to various designs as per choice through a video call appointment with the floor manager of Sawansukha Jewellers at a time of the prospect’s convenience,” says Siddhartha Sawansukha, Director, Sawansukha Jewellers.

During the lockdowns, the virtual store helped people pre-book jewellery after being satisfied by the brilliant demonstration of jewellery. This one point of contact helped jewellers understand consumer demands and the buying intent in the strongest manner ever, as orders of customization and readymade jewellery came in bulk. As usual, there was a mammoth surge in the in-store footfall with customers coming to collect jewellery and people window-shopping after taking a virtual tour of the store from home. “This is an unprecedented example in digital cataloging. For the first time, clients could see jewellery and have their families get an idea of how the jewellery will look, sitting at home. We have had customers from Bihar, Odisha, Chattisgarh and several northeastern states who came to collect their products after lockdowns were lifted,” concluded the jeweller.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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