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Saudi Jawahir opens De Beers first store in Saudi Arabia



SAUDI Jawahir Trading Company is delighted to announce the opening of De Beers new store at Centria Mall in Riyadh, the brand’s first location in Saudi Arabia.

“We are delighted to unveil our first store in Saudi Arabia with our partner Saudi Jawahir Trading Company. We have designed this store to fully express our brand’s uniqueness and convey our 130 years of diamond mastery. Through this beautiful space, dedicated to our craft, we invite our clients to explore our diamond jewelry creations through an intimate and personal experience where expertise meets emotion,” De Beers said in a statement.

Located on the Ground Floor of Centria Mall, this new store reflects the heritage of De Beers and showcases a varied array of its timeless jewelry creations in an atmosphere of welcoming elegance and warmth. Every aspect of the store has been carefully considered and tailored to guide the jewelry devotee around the unique High Jewelry pieces, iconic collections, including the Talisman and the Enchanted Lotus, and wondrous Bridal diamond creations.

At De Beers is proud to offer peerlessly beautiful diamond jewelry. Experts at the De Beers Institute of Diamonds select each diamond individually and choose only those with perfect facet angles and alignment. Its selection standards go above and beyond the Four Cs.

When purchasing a round brilliant diamond at De Beers, customers are invited to peer into the heart of their diamond for themselves with the De Beers Iris. Exposing the diamond to light, this in-store demonstrator allows you to visualize the perfect light reflection and discover exactly why your diamond is incomparably beautiful.

The Home of Diamonds since 1888, De Beers creates wondrous jewels with peerlessly beautiful diamonds to celebrate all of life’s events. Over 130 years of diamond mastery go into creating each individual design. De Beers is entirely committed to authenticity and integrity. De Beers meticulously hand-selects the world’s finest diamonds for their unique Fire, Life and Brilliance.

Courtesy: saudigazette/ Image: saudigazette

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