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Reliance Jewels Jewellery Picks For this Monsoon

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This Monsoon Collection showcases a play of colors with gemstones, diamonds and gold

Mumbai, xx : Reliance Jewels one of India’s most trusted Jewellery brands unveils their curated picks for this monsoon season. The chosen designs from across its collections embody the poetry, romance and elements the season stands for.

Reliance Jewels creations features vivid & lively embellishments in shades of blue, pink amongst others and also celebrates floral accents in both diamonds and gemstones to spruce up each of this exquisite design. The jewels are also intricately crafted with nature inspired motifs including leaves, blooming flowers and the ever graceful-peacock.  Droplet designs and swirls depicting gusty winds are an excellent fit for the dreamy season and can be worn across attires right from traditional to contemporary wear. An array of designs is crafted out of purest of gold, finest diamonds and precious stones.

The Peacock inspired pieces from this collection is chic; it exudes elegance for the modern woman making it a perfect wear for the bridesmaid and brides relatives at weddings.  Each necklace, droplet, pendant and bracelet of this collection is unique and has been exclusively handcrafted to cater to the diverse tastes of our customers. These stunning masterpieces can also be an excellent gifting option for your loved ones.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.


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