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Regionally inspired celestial collection poised to be gamechanger for Tanishq



Regionally inspired celestial collection poised to be gamechanger for Tanishq

DUBAI: Inspired by the region’s discerning audience who covet timeless elegance, Tanishq has launched Rifa, a collection designed to celebrate the beauty and heritage of the Middle East with the 8-pointed star, an iconic symbol of faith, courage, harmony, and balance, used as the main motif. Dating back to ancient times, the 8-pointed star represents a powerful symbol of protection and guidance.

Whether it’s a beautifully crafted bracelet studded with 8-pointed star-shaped diamonds to commemorate a milestone, a celestial-inspired stunning ring or pendant symbolising the virtues that define the wearer, or even a pair of stellar-themed earrings to represent love, Rifa is trendy yet timeless, classic yet contemporary just like the progressive, strong, and courageous women of the region.

By making a #GiftOfRifa from the diverse yet distinct collection, you appreciate the choices these women make, and celebrate the courage they show and the perfect balance they strike in not just in their own daily lives, but in ours too. 

“At Tanishq we deep dive into cultural nuances to design jewellery that narrates meaningful stories for your personal adornment. For #GiftOfRifa we got inspired by the motif of the eight-point star, which is used abundantly in the region’s abstract art and architecture. It’s a personal amulet that reminds you of your loved ones in your journey of life. Common both in the UAE and India and in many cultures worldwide, the 8-pointed star lends itself to the creation of a collection that would appeal to the diverse nationalities that call the region their home,” said Beate Steinfeld, Trend & Design Head – Tanishq International.

“Contemporary in its interpretation of the motif the collection features easy-to-wear jewellery that can accompany you to every occasion, styled to create your individual statement in a versatile ever-new manner,” she added

The brand recently opened new boutiques in the UAE at Dubai Silicon Oasis and Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi.

“Our robust regional expansion plan continues to gain momentum as we look to grow in the UAE and beyond. The special focus on expat Arabs and Emiratis is an added dimension we started to explore in 2021 with our exclusive Year of the Fiftieth collection inspired by iconic symbols and the success synonymous with the UAE. The overwhelming response to this collection is what has driven us to launch Rifa, which continues that beautiful dialogue in the universal language of life’s celebrations—fine jewellery,” added Kuruvilla Markose, CEO-International Business Division, Titan Company Limited.

Rifa is now available across all Tanishq boutiques in the UAE.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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