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Tapping Into The Lion’s Share

There are always some quintessential jewellery brand names and big players that dominate certain locales, but jewellery buyers’ quest to refresh their gaze, mind and jewellery vaults is far from quenchable, and yes, even in these testing times. After all, jewellery is also the safest investment. However, it’s only organized players with an extra edge who seem to cut it with these buffs. No wonder, Ratnalaya Jewellers took the plunge to outdo its self and decided to draw new customers as well as retain its patrons from their other location. And it picked up quite a sizeable following with 80 per cent of fresh customers in their new outlet of dazzle at Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar. Figures reveal that the ticket size of Rs 65,000-70,000 got an instant boost of Rs 1 lakh -1.2 lakhs upwards. Apparently, the area is one of the largest residential colonies in Asia and population-wise, second largest with a substantial elite population. But that wasn’t all that worked for them.

An Effortless Encounter 

Business acumen aside, building a bond and connect is fundamental. While every store has its own identity and individuality, at times, stores tend to get stuffy and intimidating. Blame it on overbearing decors or clingy staff, at Ratnalaya Jewellers, it’s the vibe that the customers will fall for. It’s an ‘easy-breezy’ jewellery buying experience. Navigating is no hodgepodge either. Wedding jewellery shoppers move to separate bridal counters while find others spot their table. Four island counters (indeed in the shape of islands) with two on the ground floor and rest on the first floor cater to various categories. Even if someone is buying silver, they are treated special with a dedicated section. The new store has one dedicated section for men’s jewellery too! The colours invite. A plush mix of neutrals, golden and royal blue take centre stage for displays. Splashes of cream bath stone and sophisticated Italian furniture outline the boutique-style theme of the store. In times when social distancing is must, broad open spaces to move around will make the customers feel relaxed.

Competitive Prices, Priceless Value 

With shrinking disposable incomes, affordable luxury is at the heart of Ratnalaya retail strategy. Although there is no price difference between both the stores, the luxe aspect is not stripped off either. Instead, this store houses more fancy jewellery renditions than its predecessor. The focus is on enhancing the value and feel good factor.

Overwhelming Choices

It would be difficult for customers to not find what they want. Flourishing collections bring in a sense of splendour. Speak of artful craftsmanship embedded with a stamp of royalty and laden with opulent diamonds, the Almas line-up is magical. Mihika embodies the rich tradition of South India in smooth finish gold. The Myra collection summarises daily workwear with a mark of exclusivity. Divinity in the guise of jewellery is what the Vanya collection stands for. It is also a tell-tale of their sculptural mastery. The ‘Umrao’ collection comprises of mesmerising chokers, long and short necklaces and bangles. And there’s more!


When there is so much to sift through, spending too much time at the store could be a tad harrowing for the customers. They make it easy here as well. With the 3D try-on facility, the customers can get a real-time try at home experience by visiting the website of Ratnalaya Jewellers without even touching the jewellery. It’s like a private jewellery store where one can wear dresses and play match up endlessly without being watched. It’s also easy, breezy and so consumer-friendly.


As published in The Retail Jeweller India magazine


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