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AVR Swarnamahal’s Toys for Boys range excites male jewellery lovers



AVR Swarnamahal’s Toys for Boys range excites male jewellery lovers

Men can trend with jewellery too. Although women constitute more than 90% of the total national jewellery market share, men’s jewellery ranges often gravitate away from the soaring impressions of women-led advertorials on social media and TV. Challenging that situation, AVR Swarnamahal has been promoting their men’s jewellery range for over three years and their persistence has paid off.

“I used to design jewellery for myself,” said Siddhanth A.V.R., director, AVR Swarnamahal Jewellers. “When my unique jewellery got noticed, I involved myself deeper into the experiment. Minimalism is rarely a man’s forte as he likes it bold. Taking inspiration from the luxury watches industry that has served men better, we created this lightweight, high-polished jewellery for men that can survive rough use,” Siddhanth added.

Ranging from 14 carat, 18 carat to 22 carat, studded in zirconias, diamonds, the chains in this range do excite every man. There is one gold chain that mimics the movement of a bullet fired from a gun. Similarly, there is another popular chain in white gold and yellow gold that is based on the chessboard. “We have a team that scours the internet to track trends. We flow with the trend and design accordingly,” said the jeweller, adding that the Toys for Boys range has become a huge hit in retail and is also available across e-commerce.

“This year, Valentine’s Day proved to be a good highlight for this range. We feel that Toys for Boys got a much-needed boost in this day of love where all focus usually lies on women’s jewellery,” he said, adding that the range is also solving a market gap for variety jewellery for men at a time when platinum and yellow gold are considered to be the only two options for men. 

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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