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Rajiv Popley launches ‘Angels Feathers’, the latest in his line of art inspired jewellery inspired by Dali



The luxury collection, unveiled in March 2023, uses 3D printing techniques to create one-off standout designs in platinum accentuated by Zambian emeralds and diamonds

Jeweller-artist Rajiv Popley, Director, Popley Group, has launched the ‘Angels Feathers’ collection of jewellery, with the tagline ‘the world is sleeping in the arms of an angel’, as a tribute to surrealist artist Salvador Dali. This collection is the latest in Popley’s line of ‘Art Inspired Jewellery’, and was unveiled in mid-March, 2023. It is currently on display at the Popley Bandra store.

The ‘Angels Feathers’ collection is described as ‘diamond feathers accentuated by Zambian emerald cabochons nestled in the arms of the angel as it soars like a kite high up in the sky…rose cut diamonds set in platinum’. “Normally, a jeweller would pick up a piece of stone and work the design around it. In our case, it is vice versa because the design comes first from the artwork,” says Popley. Each piece of jewellery has a palette at the back with Popley’s signature inscribed on it, the same that appears on his artwork.

The manufacturing process for the art-inspired jewellery involves 3D printing of the designs. “Designer jewellery in platinum is not seen much as platinum is a very tough material and there is little manufacturing expertise available there. Most of my pieces in platinum take three to nine months to manufacture as the design goes through a lot of scrutiny,” says Popley, adding that the Platinum Guild India has endorsed this collection as a unique one.

Popley launches these art-inspired collections on a periodic basis. “It is art being put into metals and like my art pieces, some may take a year while some may take a month to make. The accuracy of the product, its finishing, along with the design, is more important to us than the timeline,” says Popley.

The target audience base for the line is across age groups, from India and overseas. “Our customers are connoisseurs who understand jewellery at a mature level. They are happy to see something different being launched and they grab the pieces as soon as they are out. They usually come looking for pieces that can be heirloom and can be passed on,” says Popley.

“I have always been into art. My art is normally on display at Art Expo New York, Jaipur Art Summit and Dubai, apart from Mumbai. ‘Angels Feathers’ is just an extension of the art works that are already happening. In spite of the entire process of creating these collections being cumbersome, since it is inspired by my art, it is very close to me and I believe more people in the industry should approach unique ways of creating jewellery,” says Popley.

Pieces of jewellery from Popley’s ‘Art Inspired Jewellery’ collection are displayed with his artwork during his exhibitions, to show the audience what inspired each piece.

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