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Rahul Jhaveri Presents ‘Seeing the Unseen’ at Gallery Maskara



March 14: Seven words, taken from Studio Renn’s design vocabulary, anchor a multi-sensory experience of their inspirations and final products. Divya has created a space that ensures that one leaves the world with all its noise behind and allows the seven enclosures to cocoon one’s thoughts as the journey of Studio Renn, from inspiration to product, unfolds.

The show is divided into two sections. An open area that houses seven cocoons to elicit connecting in quietude; and a restricted area that houses a congregation of over 20 displays.

Studio Renn invited viewers to ‘Seeing the Unseen’ to indulge in nothingness, recall a memory long forgotten or even imagine the rain. Go where the mind takes you, till you begin to see the unseen.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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