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Putting lives first, Anand Jewels set up Covid-19 hospital in Indore

Anand Jewels is also providing free oxygen to the first 500 patients while they are being treated at the hospital.

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At a time when India is reeling under the crises of the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, Anand Jewels, MP, has gone the extra mile to bring necessary cure to countless survivors of the deadly virus. Harnessing the rare experience of running a hospital and a jewellery brand for decades, the authorities stepped up to get a sanction for setting up a hospital after having the requisite permit for an oxygen generation plant.

The super specialty hospital, set up and already functional, has been made exclusively for Covid-19 treatment.“Since the first wave of the pandemic started, the authorities decided to plan a back-up support. Thus, the new hospital that started operations from May 20 at AB Road, Indore, is the first ICU-intensive facility in Central India set up primarily to treat Covid-19 patients. We are also providing free oxygen to the first 500 patients while they are being treated at the hospital. That expenditure is close to Rs 1 crore today,” said Gaurav Anand, Managing Director, Anand Jewels.

One impressive feature about this hospital is the fast passage of oxygenated air throughout the premises. Similar to the air-conditioning facilities of airlines, this hospital constantly charges air with positive ions that move with great speed and exhaust contaminated air instantly. The WHO, explained Anand, claims that Covid-19 patients with varying cycles of infection can cross-contaminate each other through aerosols. “When that happens inside our hospital, air surges quickly replenish that infected air with good air, thus preventing a patient with lower infection rate from getting harmed,” said Anand.

Besides having bed reservations for the government, the hospital has also tied up with different religious organisations, who extend Covid-19 emergency care with certain financial relaxations to those in dire need.  The facility currently has 64 beds in its first phase and plans to increase it to 108 beds in the second phase. Similarly, it has 10 ICUs and is planning to activate over 30 later on. Most importantly, the authorities have ramped up efforts to start a paediatric intensive care unit to stay prepared for the third wave of the virus which, according to WHO, might harm infants acutely.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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