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PNG Sons holds up Maharashtrian custom called Mangalagaur through its ‘Theva’ song




Song tells story of traditional jewellery, dressing, heritage and family bonding, and aims to familiarize non-Marathi audiences with Maharashtra’s culture

P N Gadgil & Sons recently released a song called ‘Theva’, dedicated to the tradition and culture of Maharashtra. The song is based on the Maharashtrian custom called Mangalagaur, and it tells the story of traditional jewellery, dressing, heritage and family bonding. It is aimed at showcasingthe brand’s jewellery in a way that familiarizes non-Marathi audiences with Maharashtra’s culture and heritage.

The song features eight leading Marathi celebrities, namely, Spruha Joshi, Nivedita Saraf, Amruta Deshmukh, Krutika Deo, Mrunal Deshpande, Rujuta Deshmukh, Usha Nadkarni and Keya Ingle, and each of them reveals memories behind the jewellery as the song progresses.

“PN Gadgil & Sons always focuses on tradition and culture. Theva features the transition of traditional to contemporary ways of marketing without diverting these core values and philosophy. PN Gadgil & Sons is a six-generation-old brand and we have showcased five generations in the song. In Theva, each woman has identified herself through the piece of jewellery she is wearing,” says Aditya Modak, CMO, PN Gadgil & Sons.

According to Modak, the Mangalagaur custom is practised in Maharashtra during the holy month of Shravan, wherein the newly married bride prays to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva for a happy married life. “This custom is performed by women throughout the night with dance and songs. We have selected this custom as it is purely dedicated to women as a celebration of their happiness,” Modak explains.


PN Gadgil & Sons is known for its path-breaking marketing communication ideas and the new campaign song has already got millions of views on social media.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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