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PNG Jewellers launches annual Mangalsutra Mahotsav, introduces 2-in-1 flip Mangalsutras




In anticipation of the intercalated Adhik Maas, the brand has also launched the ‘Nath Bandhi Chandi’ campaign

Prominent jewellery retail brand PNG Jewellers has launched the Mangalsutra Mahotsav 2023. This initiative aims to celebrate the beauty and tradition embodied by the Mangalsutra, a symbol of marital commitment for women. The festival began on July 15 across all the brand’s stores in Maharashtra and Goa, and will continue to run till August 31, 2023.

This year’s Mangalsutra Mahotsav introduces a collection of ‘2-in-1 Flip Mangalsutras’ that encapsulate two entirely different looks. With this innovation, one can pick a Mangalsutra and adorn two different looks.

The Mangalsutra holds great significance in Indian culture, representing the sacred bond of marriage. To celebrate this symbol of marriage that also adds to a woman’s style, PNG Jewellers has presented a collection of over 1,000 Mangalsutra designs across its stores. Over the next 45 days, this Mahotsav will provide an opportunity for jewellery enthusiasts across Maharashtra and Goa to explore and own these pieces.

Additionally, in anticipation of Adhik Maas beginning on July 18, PNG Jewellers has also launched the ‘Nath Bandhi Chandi’ campaign. As part of this campaign, customers can buy a variety of silver articles and add more value to their jewellery shopping experience. The Adhik Maas is an extra lunar month added to the solar calendar every three years, so that the lunar and the solar years are synchronized, along with the agricultural cycle and seasons, and continues up to August 16 this year.


“At PNG Jewellers, we believe in preserving traditions while embracing innovation. With the Mangalsutra Mahotsav, we have curated a collection of Mangalsutra designs, including the Flip Mangalsutra that offers our customers the opportunity to showcase their style depending on how they want to look and feel in a particular ensemble,” said Dr Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director, PNG Jewellers

During the Mahotsav period, PNG Jewellers is offering upto 25% off on making charges for gold Mangalsutras and upto 50% off on diamond mangalsutras.

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