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Platinum is Indeed the Blessed Metal for Akshaya Tritiya



Platinum is a naturally occurring luminescent white metal that is 95% pure in jewellery – which makes it the perfect purchase for a significant day like Akshaya Tritiya.

Akshaya means immortal or something that is indestructible, and Tritiya means third lunar day. The attributes of the metal Platinum closely resonates to the piousness of this festival. The natural white colour of platinum symbolizes purity, wealth, power and strength. The metal from the time it is mined till set in jewellery and perpetually after, retains its white colour and never fades or tarnish with time.

Making it the ideal choice this Akshaya Tritiya.

Platinum jewellery range for this festive season includes elegantly crafted chains and pendants for everyday wear and special occasions for women. Along with this, the range also has charismatic pieces of sophisticated bracelets and striking chains for men. One can also explore the wide range of Platinum Love Bands that a couple could mark their journey on an auspicious day like Akshay Tritiya.

Courtesy: Press Release

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