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Pandora’s blessing: Cara Jewellers




Cara Jewellers, Dubai, came up with a double dose of surprises. True to the name, Pandora, the offer opened up a welcoming route for customers to take home their own breathtaking Cara jewellery. Introduced in September, before the festive season, the offer enabled customers to walk away with two pieces at the price of one.

To avail this buy-one-get-one offer, customers were asked to select both pieces from the same collection. They would pay only for the higher-priced item. Offer rules stipulated that the free item could not be exchanged for cash, nor could this offer be coupled with any other promotion.

From the retailer’s perspective the offer was a win–win — a way to delight and reward customers while clearing existing stock. Cara Jewellers labeled the event a special offer on discontinued products, rather than a clearance sale. Given the strong brand equity, patrons were happy to concur, accepting the Pandora collection as a coveted opportunity realized.

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