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Pandemic taught us to stay ahead with tech-driven business management



Deepak Mehra, Partner, Mehrasons Jewellers, New Delhi, loves designing jewellery. In a conversation with The Retail Jeweller, he shares his personal insights about Indian gem and jewellery trade.

The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): What has been the greatest lesson learnt during the pandemic?

Deepak Mehra (DM): One needs to streamline business and stay ahead in time with tech-driven business and inventory management.

TRJ: The business leader you admire the most and why?

DM: Ratan Tata, for his simple public image and his belief in taking Indian business on global map across categories that were dominated by the west.

TRJ: Your favourite holiday destination?

DM: London.

TRJ: Your favourite cuisine?

DM: Indian.

TRJ: Had you not been in the jewellery business, what would you have been?

DM: In the restaurant and food business.

TRJ: Your de-stress mantra?

DM: Designing and creating new jewellery.

TRJ: A book or a movie you would like to recommend to others?

DM: I mostly watch true stories or documentaries.

I am currently reading Rahul Bajaj: An Extraordinary Life by Gita Parimal.

TRJ: What newspapers and TV channels do you like?

DM: Bloomberg Business, Vogue business and ET Prime.

TRJ: Political personalities from history you would love to meet in person and why?

DM: Indira Gandhi. I want to know how she managed to sustain democracy and control a male-dominated political system.

TRJ: Your business principle and success mantra?

DM: Honesty and passion.

TRJ: What does happiness mean to you?

DM: A satisfied client.

TRJ: Your leadership style?

DM: I like to lead by example.

TRJ: If you had a message for the gems and jewellery industry, what would it be?

DM: Honesty is hard, but a surefire way to true success.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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