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Shaaj by Tanishq elicits emotional applause from Bengalis with heartwarming commercial



Shaaj by Tanishq elicits emotional applause from Bengalis with heartwarming commercial

Durga Puja is knocking on our doors, putting Bengalis through the frenzy of celebration at this time of the year. Tanishq has joined the excitement with their regional campaign #ShaajbyTanishq promoting the Shaaj collection.

Meaning adornment in Bengali, the campaign was inaugurated by Tollywood actress and MP Mimi Chakraborty on September 21. Ranging from chur, sitahaar to rotonchur and Lohori, the range wraps the Bengali woman with marvels of traditional embellishments for all ages. That being said, the video commercial for Shaaj has been heaping praises from Bengali circles within and outside West Bengal for all the right reasons.

Packing some mandatory star power, the commercial features actor Sudipta Chakraborty. The plot unfurls at the courtyard of a traditional Bengali joint family wherein an elderly widow is burning the midnight oil to dress up the deity. She has an inquisitive girl child named Ruku beside her, who is listening to the tale of Lord Biswakarma adorning the incarnation of Goddess Parvati with jewellery. Ruku asks why is she not taking rest, to which the woman replies that if she does rest, Maa Durga will not be ready for celebration by daybreak. Ruku wonders if her ‘pishidida’ is an incarnation of Lord Vishwakarma himself and before falling asleep, tells her mother about the hardship her dearest grandmother is facing.

Getting emotional, Ruku’s mother, played by Chakraborty, decides to pay a fitting tribute to this unforgettable contribution. The next morning when Ruku and her friends are dancing to the rhythm of the dhaaki, the widow gets the Shaaj collection as a present.

It is heartening to see a regional commercial by a national brand get over 7.8K views on Instagram within four days of upload. The video has touched the emotional cords of the Bengali mass on topics such as wholehearted participation of widows in the societal structure and women empowerment. Rightly pointed out by viewers on YouTube, the execution has indeed been groundbreaking and the video has already garnered 15 lakh views on the platform within a week of release.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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