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Dr. Devika Kapoor, Partner, Kashi Jewellers

Dr. Devika Kapoor, Partner, Kashi Jewellers, seamlessly shifted from her role as an embryologist to redefine the landscape of contemporary jewellery. Her venture, “Devika Kapoor by Kashi Jewellers,” is a testament to her visionary approach, creating everyday luxury that empowers women across various lifestyles.

Embarking on a transformative journey, Dr. Devika transitioned from an embryologist to a trailblazing businesswoman. After completing her education at Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune, she joined the family business post-marriage, marking a unique shift. Guided by her mother-in-law, a seasoned fashion designer from the University of Toronto, and the creative force behind the legacy brand Kashi Jewellers, Devika explored creative design, breaking free from her comfort zone.

Megha Iyer (MI): What would you call the most successful business strategies you implemented in your business that had a big impact?

Devika Kapoor (DK): In recent years, I have noticed a significant gap in the jewellery market, specifically for working women. Divided into two categories—professionals like engineers, doctors, and lawyers, and those in entrepreneurial ventures—these women lacked jewellery options suited to their daily professional lives. The rise of women-led startups in India underscored the demand for versatile and contemporary jewellery beyond traditional occasions.

Inspiration struck during my travels to Europe, especially Italy and France, where I encountered light, youthful, and trendy jewellery ideal for women in diverse occupations. Motivated by this, I conceptualised “Devika Kapoor by Kashi Jewellers,” a brand synonymous with everyday luxury.


Utilising our design expertise and employing both handmade design and CAD/CAM processes, we manufactured jewellery infused with Indian inspiration in modern designs.

“We have the highest number of female staff members in North India, not just in the sales and service department but also in key managerial positions.”

Dr. Devika Kapoor, Partner, Kashi Jewellers

MI : How has the brand expanded over the years? How do you assess your own contribution to its growth?

DK : Over the years, the DkbyKashi brand has grown rapidly, expanding its reach beyond Kanpur to encompass a diverse clientele from a radius of 300 to 400 kilometres.

MI : Have you taken any specific steps to empower women in the industry or support women within your company?

DK : We have the highest number of female staff members in North India, not just in the sales and service department but also in key managerial positions. Our approach remains inclusive.

MI: What is your advice for women entrepreneurs considering entering the jewellery industry?

DK: The crucial first step for aspiring women entrepreneurs entering the jewellery industry is to introspect. They should analyze which area of work is most suitable for them. The industry now offers diverse opportunities.

Written by : Megha Iyer

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