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In an interview with The Retail Jeweller, Manoj Jha, director, Kamakhya Jewels, talks about their business niche, the importance of a thriving retailer network and his expansion plans.

The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): How do you explain your product specialisation?
Manoj Jha (MJ): We believe that there’s a market for generic products and then, a specialised section for bridal collections and designer jewellery. We create all types of jewellery for both these sections but our speciality lies in creating jewellery with fancy shapes which are lightweight and reasonable for the pocket.

TRJ: What is your core competency?
MJ: Our USP certainly lies in the fact that we use diamonds of all shapes, often up to four different shapes at a time for one piece. Our jewellery is a fusion of handmade and casting which is possible due to superior workmanship. Our jewellery is reasonably priced because we use reasonable diamond sizes – the aim is to make designer diamond jewellery a household reality.

TRJ: How important is constant innovation for product development?
MJ: There’s no alternative to innovation – everyone wants a change and our customers want a new twist to a generic piece. Our research and development team comprising of manual and Cadcom designers, visualisers and karigars work on understanding the need of the consumers and feeling the pulse of the market. We launch new designs once in every quarter.

TRJ: Buying patterns, design trends and consumer sensibilities – which of these factors influence your offerings the most?
MJ: Most definitely buying patterns. There are two broad categories of consumers – majority of people want what they see while there’s one section who believe in exclusivity. Our design and production processes are equipped to handle both these sections.

TRJ: Tell us about any new collection for the forthcoming festive season?
MJ: Our latest collections plays around with strings. There will be stringed bracelets, necklaces which carry an old world charm but look very contemporary. All our jewellery is diamond-studded gold jewellery.

TRJ: How challenging is it to maintain a retailer network and have you devised an outreach programme for it?
MJ: I must say it’s very challenging. Sometimes it means I’ve to constantly stay on the go to meet my retailers and maintain the network. We have a factory outlet for smaller retailers and as part of our outreach programme for them, we invite some of them every month to our Mumbai offices and factory for a tour and viewing of latest collections.

TRJ: What are your plans on business and market expansion?
MJ: Our 10,000 square-feet factory in Andheri, Mumbai, will be ready and functional in the next two months. Our primary focus will always be the Indian market. The untapped potential that the Indian consumers inspire and are capable of is immense. We are also focusing on Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where business comfort is high. Our R&D team has been working on creating jewellery which suit consumer sensibilities and buying patterns in these cities.

TRJ: What about the road ahead?
MJ: We are living in times where transparent business dealings, professionalism and top notch service can take a brand and business many miles ahead of its competitors. We cannot forget that the jewellery industry – B2B and B2C – has to deal with a sizeable chunk of youngsters and our business model needs to reflect a more modern approach.

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