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‘NG with You’ by N Gopaldaas Jewellers deploys a team, links patients and families with basic Covid-19 care

The programme started last week with a helpline number where people can contact the jeweller for any kind of assistance.



N Gopaldaas Jewellers took charge of Covid-19 relief measures  with ‘NG with You’, an initiative to help people avail necessary activities such as booking RT-PCR tests at ahome, arranging food, availing medicines, etc. The programme started last week with a helpline number where people can contact the jeweller for any kind of assistance. The brand team then goes through various contacts and channels to extend help.

Discussing in detail, Chaitali, director, N Gopaldaas Jewellers, said, “As everyone is sitting at home due to the lockdown, it becomes difficult to do the essential tasks such as ordering groceries, purchasing medicine, etc. The senior citizens are the worst sufferers as most of them don’t know how to order medicines or groceries online. As a 92- year-old brand, we have managed to established good contacts in Chennai and Trichy and through this initiative, we are using these contacts to help and support society.” The brand team helps people get bookings in nearby pharmacies for medical checkup for any kind of illness with. They also help avail hospital beds through contacts and are tied up with various laboratories for prompt actions on blood tests, CT scan and others at discounted rates.

Many people are doing free home deliveries of vegetables, fruits or ready-to-eat food, without public knowledge about their contributions. NG with You is spreading the word about those good samaritans through social media posts and messages on WhatsApp groups so that people can connect with those services as per their need and convenience.

According to Chaitali, the NG team not only books the enquiries but also ensures that the person gets prompt help through constant communication with lab authorities. Although most of the enquiries come from Chennai and Trichy, a small percentage also comes from other cities such as Mumbai and Hyderabad where they have their showrooms. So, if there is an enquiry from Mumbai and Hyderabad where the jeweller’s contacts are not so strong, the NG team takes help from the international social groups such as Business Network Individual (BNI) and Round Table India (RTI).

N Gopaldaas Jewellers is getting a good response for its initiative. Many people living abroad have also used the services of the NG team for their near and dear ones living nearby. So far, about 60-80 people have been helped through the initiative.

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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