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Newlight Jewellers launches bridal jewellery collection;”Reet” Celebration of traditions with love; A Jewel for every occasion 



India – is a land of diverse cultures and rich heritage. Our rituals and traditions are our distinct identity, and marriage is one of the most important rituals in our culture. Marriage is not just a holy union between two souls, but it binds together two families. There is excitement, anxiety, doubts – it’s pretty overwhelming for the bride and the groom and the two families. But, between the moments of stress and nervousness, the bride and the groom and their families find love. Reet is the celebration of love as the two souls come together and are bound by holy matrimony. It is the celebration of culture by families.

Let Reet be your companion as you walk on the new path of life and make memories that last for a lifetime. 

Reet – A jewel for every occasion.

The bridal pieces include chokers, haars, rings, jhumkhis and kadas, along with a range of pendants that look elaborate. Newlight Jewellers, a leading jewellery house from Sri Ganganagar, has come out with the latest collection “Reet” to mark the upcoming wedding season. 

According to Mohinderpal Singh, Being an Indian Jewellery House, one of the initial tests you go through is understanding the bride. When I stepped into the business, I discovered a bride’s inner conflicts, anxiety, excitement, and self-doubts. She expressed so many concerns that at some moments, I could almost see her wrapping her thoughts into the design of jewellery, holding in both of her hands, practically wanting to design the jewellery herself.

After so much experience, I realised the commonality of this emotion amongst everyone. The sorrow of leaving behind family and the tickling joy of making her own home with a new life partner or the dichotomy of wanting to impress upon so many new family members and yet be herself through the journey. It all seemed like an innocent struggle of learning to walk again.

For Reet, we wanted to cherish the nostalgia that every bride, mother, and mother-in-law reminisces about how they went through this universal emotion and began a new life. Who found inspiration and love in everything they tapped into and became the centre of their families. Reet”

Crafted in 18K to 22K gold, our jewellery is a renowned art form Rajasthan. The collection embodies the rich cultural heritage, art, tradition, and legacy of India. “Each piece is designed keeping in mind the Indian Bride sensibilities who loves to stay close to her roots. The Jewellery is a must-have for an Indian bride’s jewellery trousseau. 

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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