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New Shriniwas Jewellers initiates green drive for its rural customers, aims to plant 3000 trees by July 2024 



New Shriniwas Jewellers initiates green drive for its rural customers, aims to plant 3000 trees by July 2024 

The brand has been connected to its clientele of farmers, who form nearly 90% of their total customer base. To ensure maximum reach, the mode of promotion has been WhatsApp in place of social media 

Nashik: To address the challenges posed by climate change, New Shriniwas Jewellers has embarked on a proactive green initiative at a regional scale. Their latest endeavour aims to plant 3000 saplings by July 2024, marking their contribution towards environmental conservation and sustainability.  

This jewellery brand, known for its strong customer base within the agricultural community, is committed to mitigating the adverse impacts of global warming at a local level. “We are always connected with the farmers in our community and try to find out what we can do to help them. We have been doing this for the last 38 years as most of our customers, at least 90% of the total customer base, are also from this community,” said Mohit Chopda, Marketing Manager, New Shriniwas Jewellers.  

The activity has received positive responses from their clientele across all their stores in Nashik, Pimpalgaon Baswant and Dindori, and was also appreciated by those who could not be a part of the drive. The brand plans to reinitiate this activity each year in the monsoon season to make it a long-term commitment towards the environment and their local customers from the agricultural community. 

“The plantation drive has been promoted on social media. But more importantly, we reached out to over 15,000 people over WhatsApp, informing them about the initiative. This is because we have a large base of rural clients and they can be reached directly over WhatsApp,” said Chopda. 


The brand is handing out the saplings to their customers and staff at their stores in this initiative. So far, New Shriniwas Jewellers has distributed over 750 saplings and aims to reach the target of 3000 plants by July.  

“A majority of the plants are being distributed in the Pimpalgaon Baswant region, which is also our main store’s location and head office, and we are also covering Dindori. However, we are not promoting the initiative to our customers in the city as it will be difficult to plant big trees and take care of them. Our rural customers have the resources to look after these trees in the long run,” he said. 

The jewellery brand noted that some social groups from the local towns supported the cause by offering financial aid, but the brand instead asked them to contribute by planting the saplings, increasing the reach of the drive outside its customer base. 

Chopda emphasized that New Shriniwas Jewellers’ efforts in protecting the environment extended beyond their current initiative. The brand consistently strives to enhance its ecological impact by implementing sustainable practices. This includes equipping their stores with energy-efficient appliances to conserve resources like water. Furthermore, the brand actively promotes the reduction of single-use plastics, encouraging both staff and customers alike to adopt eco-friendly alternatives wherever feasible. These efforts reflect the brand’s ongoing dedication to minimizing its environmental footprint. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick  

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