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MK Jewels brings a contemporary twist to the traditional Mangalsutra




Rivaaz is a timeless collection of handmade jewellery that embodies tradition with elegance and style. It features a married woman’s most significant piece of jewellery – the mangalsutra.

Mangalsutra is derived from two Sanskrit words mangala ‘holy’ and sutra ‘thread’ which means an auspicious thread uniting two souls. In India, the tradition of wearing a mangalsutra and its significance for a married woman or a new bride is divine. For her, it is the most important ornament. For every woman who embodies grace and upholds the vow of togetherness, our gold mangalsutra chains and mangalsutra bracelets are a blend of trend and tradition. MK JEWELS presents gold, diamond and CZ mangalsutras in unique designs. 

Those looking for a traditional way of wearing the mangalsutra, we have a range of 22kt gold traditional mangalsutras in antique designs. For women who love diamonds, we have diamond mangalsutra pendants, also called Tanmanya, woven with our auspicious Kanthi or the black beads chain or mala. This handcrafted jewellery collection also features standout designs like half set-half mangalsutra that doubles up?as an?exquisite gold neckpiece. 

At MK JEWELS, the mangalsutra has become more than just a traditional necklace. Evolving with time and reinventing tradition, we have introduced new and modern ways of wearing this important piece of jewellery. Elegant and trendy hand mangalsutras made in 18kt gold and CZ are a must-have accessory for every married woman. Strengthen the bond of love and togetherness with a beautiful piece of hand jewellery. 

Adorned as bracelets, our gold hand mangalsutras perfectly complement the everyday style of a married woman. Browse from a range of unique mangalsutra bracelet designs at MK JEWELS and wear this auspicious link of love, now with even more panache.? 


With changing times and jewellery becoming fashionable, we have combined age-old concepts with striking design ideas to create new-age everyday wear jewellery. An Indian woman loves her jewellery and we have designed the most precious piece of adornment to match both traditional and western outfits. For those who want to be a little different on occasions, can select our palm mangalsutra which is a combination of a ring and a bracelet. For those with a minimalistic style can opt for our exquisitely crafted gold mangalsutra rings. Whether it is an occasion, a family gathering or an outing with friends, our 18kt gold or 22kt gold and CZ or Real Diamond hand mangalsutra or mangalsutra bracelets are a perfect everyday style statement.? 

Going a step further in design, our newly-launched Petite collection features innovative mangalsutra designs like charm chains made to dangle from your watches, bangles and bracelets.? 

Every little piece of jewellery tells a story about you, here at MK JEWELS  our collection of mangalsutras is a timeless symbol of individuality. We offer you the choice of selecting the length of black beads chain or ‘kanthi’ right from 18 inches up to 36 inches. You can also pick double or single line kanthi. What’s more? You can also add a personal touch to your mangalsutra with our customisation options. Choose from varied charm options which involve spiritual as well as modern designs i.e. Om, Ik Onkar, husband’s name or initials, hanging charms with a sliding lock or clip lock and 65 more charm varieties to choose from. Make your bridal jewellery memorable with our customised mangalsutras, long mangalsutras or hand mangalsutras.? 

Wearing traditional jewellery has moved from being a stereotype and has become a style statement. Rivaaz is a meaningful jewellery collection that echoes the precious nature of marital bonds. Our meticulously crafted gold mangalsutra, diamond mangalsutra, chain mangalsutra, hand mangalsutra, charm mangalsutra and mangalsutra ring designs are exceptional and rare.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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