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Men of Platinum introduces its new campaign to honor men who realize what matters the most in turbulent times

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During the last few months, we all have been faced with several challenges – be it personal or professional. And it’s true; adversity is the biggest test of character, of the values and beliefs one stands by. When faced with tough choices and standing at the crossroads only a few managed to come through and make the right choices, that was indeed their moment of truth! When they came up against dilemmas few chose the road less traveled, they redefined needs, wants, priorities and what truly mattered. They even redefined success. They created a new definition of what it meant to rise to the occasion and be a man in these times. Carving a new meaning of success. A new interpretation of their role as leaders, as achievers, as partners, as fathers and as sons

Corporate leadership in this time has been through a sea of change, altering its discourse to include values like compassion, empathy, kindness, strength, resilience perseverance and a new side of courage. Men who were looked up to by all championed masculinity that incorporated these values. They are the ones who made a real difference in a time like this and will always stand out as those rare slivers of light and hope. These are men who have met their moment of truth with astounding resilience and unwavering trust in the values that have shaped their character. These men have stood their ground and in fact emerged stronger.

The new campaign by Men of Platinum celebrates these men of character and the values they stand rooted by when faced with a crisis. They transform potential situations of trouble and despair into moments of hope & positivity. Their ‘Moments of Truth’ restore our faith in humanity and all that is good.

The campaign’s thought is beautifully captured and led by a film that showcases a test of character, in a defining moment of reckoning. The film begins with the two friends acknowledging the revival and upward trend in the business post the challenges faced due to the ongoing pandemic. One of them remarks that the other could have enjoyed better profits if he had made the necessary changes while alluding to a suggested downsizing. The other protagonist, and the quintessential ‘Man of Character’, immediately retorts that during challenging times, success should be redefined. In a year of unprecedented challenges, it is about displaying compassion, listening to your heart, placing a collective good over a selfish, pure profit-driven agenda. Not pursuing a narrow success of definition which is only driven by the amount of wealth one can amass. In a year like this to be able to carry your people along, tell them that their jobs are secure & win over their complete trust is part of what great leadership is all about.

Shining the spotlight on the campaign narrative, Sujala Martis, Director – Consumer Marketing, Platinum Guild International (India) stated, “This pandemic has been a challenging time across the sphere of life – when it comes to men  I think it challenged some notions of masculinity & also leadership. We saw leadership take the wrong stance in combating challenges across countries and companies too.  We saw the wrong notions of masculinity lead to damaging outcomes. For us, as platinum – a metal anchored in rare it was important to applaud & celebrate the other side of this narrative. Showcasing men who re-casted their role in their personal & professional lives. Setting exemplary examples of what happens when one is guided by the right set of values when empathy, compassion & courage rule your mind. Men of Platinum are the ones who came through on the test of character that adversity threw at them.”

The campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Famous Innovations.  Speaking on the concept of the brand film, Hayden Scott, Group Creative Director, Famous Innovations, adds, “Keeping with the current times, our film showcases a typical scenario being faced by most corporates and individuals, with business heads being coerced to make difficult decisions. It is only a select few who remain unfazed by these challenges and are able to adapt to this ‘new normal’ without comprising on their integrity. This film showcases a similar moment of truth, elevating a business head to a true leader while seamlessly weaving in the values that Men of Platinum stands for – courage, honesty & integrity! “

Men of Platinum with this campaign also launched a new collection of men’s platinum jewellery that celebrates all these men of character who rose to the challenge and faced their Moment of Truth, they made the right choices true to their beliefs. Their actions and gestures have been a source of respite & hope to many.  The new integrated digital and marketing campaign aims to promote the all-new range of Men of Platinum. The campaign is a 360-degree program led by a film and supported by a robust communication plan that includes TV, Print, Digital and Influencer outreach to ensure high reach and frequency. The content across these mediums are focused to drive awareness and build appeal for the Men of Platinum category.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.


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