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International Women’s Day Jewellery industry lauds the feminine spirit through smart marketing tricks



International Women’s Day Jewellery industry lauds the feminine spirit through smart marketing tricks

Women are at the forefront of the entire combined clientele of the Indian jewellery industry. So, Indian jewellers took charge to praise the indomitable female force with new marketing techniques on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

What stood out this year were new social messages involving real women to convey the brand message. 

Breaking stereotypes

Many retailers decided to break the stereotype and honour ‘sheroes’, meaning women who are every bit as heroic as men are, and perhaps more. Challenging gender inequality head-on, BK Saraf Jewellers of Lucknow had their campaign titled ‘An initiative to honour sheroes out there’.  They featured their staff on their website and Instagram pages, pointing at glaring clichés and questions every woman faces when they try to shatter the glass ceiling.

BK Sarraf Jewellers

The brand got vocal with male and female staff holding placards that batted for girl power in and out of workplace. While women held placards reading “Stop asking me why I wear heels when I am so tall”, and “Stop putting a timeline on when I should get married or have kids.”, male employees had theirs reading, “I am proud that my wife is earning more than I do” and so on. This automatically increased in-store customer retention.

PNG Jewellers

PNG Jewellers took the charge of their Instagram handle with a hashtag #ChooseToChallenge, wherein customers were invited to share their stories of challenging inequality and bias with the hashtag to take part in the celebration. Working women balancing families, men reversing gender roles were invited to talk about their personal experiences, the best of which were featured on PNG Jeweller’s Instagram page.

Real over reel

Reality has an unavoidable edge over reel glamour, something several jewellers played on by putting women from regular households at the forefront of their relatable campaigns and increasing customer’s confidence in a brand.

Kishandas and Co of Hyderabad, cracked the smart marketing code. Highlighting the challenges women navigate to succeed, their campaign ‘India’s Precious People’, broke gender barriers by featuring several women of honour such as fashion designer Anushree Reddy, designer-philanthropist Divya Reddy, and danseuse-actor Sandhya Raju.

Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers from UP celebrated independent women from law, medicine, philanthropy and other walks of life on the brand’s social media pages, donning their designs and spreading a message to break societal limitations. Targeting the working women, the brand’s message resonated well among millennials.

Made for women, by women

Women retail chiefs made their presence felt significantly this time. Mirari Jewels featured its owner and lead designer Mira Gulati, sporting their diamond jewellery collection for women. Again, Irasva Jewellery also featured its founder-lead designer Leshna Shah, who talked about her design sense, artistic perspective and inspiration for structural and functional aspects of jewellery design.

Khurana Jewellery House featured its female leaders the designers and directors each of whom were adorned with an adjective that describes them best — passionate, inspirational, ambitious, confidence, dedication, etc. For women buyers, knowing that the power behind these jewellery labels is a woman, brings in a sense of pride and attracts them to the brand.

Building communities

Women are overpowering patriarchy at every professional space, and omni-channel brand CaratLane has lent support to such firebrand women entrepreneurs through their ‘Small Business Monday’ feature. This initiative identifies small businesses in the MSME sector run by women, which don’t get the recognition they deserve.


The brand scoured the market to find such women-led businesses while accepting entries for the same. They then chose such ventures to give an Instagram shout-out, thus giving them a huge promotional boost.

Reliance Jewels also came up with a collection titled Adira commemorating the spirit of resilient womanhood for women who build, rebuild themselves, and keep going until they succeed. This is a perfect campaign for a year where women have borne the brunt of paycuts, maximum job losses and devastation and still emerged unscathed.

Like the changing world today, marketing modes also need changing to etch a brand’s name in golden letters on a customer’s mind. Targeted campaigns like these help elevate a brand’s reputation, which automatically converts to sales.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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