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Manav Golecha, Owner, The Signn brings a fresh flavor into jewellery sector by an unlikely mix of gold and silver

Young jewellers are slowly joining legacy businesses with their own ideas and ambitions.



Mixing the contemporary with the ancient is not something many can do with ease, but these new-generation jewellers have an alchemist’s power in carving out pieces that are youthful, vibrant and above all, pragmatic. As the world keeps trudging forward through good times and bad, the ones who hold the mantle are the young. The jewellery sector is no different. Young jewellers are slowly joining legacy businesses with their own ideas and ambitions. Interestingly, much of this aspiration is founded on a deep and instinctive understanding of their own peer group and the perceived lacunae in the jewellery sector.

The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): You have recently launched a brand by the name of The Signn. What are its goals as a brand?

Manav Golecha (MG): Our parent company, Golecha, deals in exclusive designer pieces; it does not commercialise itself much. However, I believe many youngsters like me may want to indulge in high-value luxury items, but find themselves short of funds. The core idea is to offer a choice of designer pieces for young jewellery aficionados.

TRJ: How are you making it possible to achieve the brand’s objective?

MG: After a lot of brainstorming and experimentation last year, I have come up with a line of jewellery that is a blend of silver and gold. We are calling it the Victorian range — it is 40 per cent gold and 60 per cent silver. It significantly reduces the cost of the material. The stones used are all precious — diamonds, coloured gemstones and uncut diamonds. There is another line of jewellery under the same label which is gold-plated, 100 per cent silver.

TRJ: There is huge knock-off market for precious jewellery designs. Why do you think consumers will want to pay for the mixed metal?

MG: I believe there is a market for everything as there are all kinds of consumers. The range offers great value both in terms of designs and material, without compromising on the aesthetics of luxury. The parent brand Golecha has always focussed on unique and stand-out designs. The Signn too will have a design language which will appeal to the young.

TRJ: Tell us about the kind of jewellery you are introducing under the label?

MG: Our Victorian designs are avante-garde and centred around creating a bold fashion statement.  For example, we have introduced a wide range of animal motif brooches using beautiful cuts and colours. We are creating experimentative designs using wood with metal. Our silver designs are also veering towards the same direction and very unlike the traditional silver designs seen on the market. In the first month of its launch, many of the designs received traction on social media and we sold pieces.

TRJ: Tell us about the marketing strategy for the brand?

MG: At the moment, we are on social media. Our brand page launched a month ago. In a month’s time, we will be launching the website. We are taking the route of fashion shoots with models and celebrities to create the right look a consumer can achieve with the designs. The prices will start at Rs 5k and go up-to a few lakhs.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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