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Learn the Power of Business Innovation at SGL presents Retail Jeweller India Forum



Learn the power of business innovation at SGL presents Retail Jeweller India Forum 2019. The market landscape is constantly evolving today, the consumer has changed, and the ways to target your audience have also increased. The challenge therefore is how to grow and innovate in this competitive market place. Throwing more light on the subject is Professor Piyush Kumar Sinha from IIM-Ahmedabad.

Commenting on the topic, Prof Piyush Kumar Sinha, CRI Advisory and Research, IIM- Ahmedabad said, “In the new environment in which we are getting into, there are three major changes in the market place. One is the change in the consumer profile, which is the millennial. Second is digital as a space and third is the role of customer experience and how it helps in enhancing the shareholder value. Under these three things, the challenge therefore is how do you innovate and grow, so that you maintain your brand image and also profitability.”

Sinha further highlighted, “When you are a retailer, you open stores at different places. Despite the challenge of the size of the store, its location, and other factors, how do you ensure that there is a common thread which is actually binding all the stores? Also, when you bring in the next generation, who comes with a new thought, the challenge is also to merge legacy with a new thought.” Sharing one key take away from the session, he said that there needs to be one golden thread that can bind your business, be it any decision, or whatever may be your product range.

Retail Jewellers India Forum serves as a great platform for people across the industry, and they benefit from the thoughts shared by our esteemed speakers. Like every year, this time as well, the day is packed with engaging sessions and discussions on various subjects.  So book your seats today.

(Retail Jeweller India will be hosting their 6th edition of Retail Jeweller India Forum on February 9, 2019, at Sofitel BKC, Mumbai.  Register yourself today to be part of the exciting knowledge-based event, which will have renowned speakers sharing their rich insights on this year’s theme ‘Innovate to Win’. For more information and to register, log in on to retailjewellerindiaforum.com).

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