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KK Jewels immortalizes wedding jewellery shopping for the bride’s family



An initiative that wrings out a tear of happiness from the family, ‘Bride of KK Jewels’ makes a bride feel how she should feel before her big day— special like a queen

A bride is special, and no stone should be left unturned to make her feel like the most beautiful person in the days leading up to her day.  This seems like the ideal that KK Jewels in Ahmedabad is following. With them, wedding shopping is not limited to going to the store, paying for the jewellery and then stepping out. The association continues with the jeweller’s unique initiative called ‘Bride of KK Jewels’.

Under the initiative, the jeweller organizes an hour-long event for the bride on the day her jewellery is delivered. The bride and her family get dressed in the jewellery they have bought and get to cut a cake presented to them by KK Jewels to commemorate the occasion.

Kailash Kabra, managing director of KK Jewels, said, “At KK Jewels, our only focus is the customer. Generally, with bridal purchases, the whole family is a part of the experience. People also visit the shop multiple times before they finalize all the pieces. This cements a bond between them and our team. To accentuate this further, and make it a momentous occasion we have designed a special ceremony for the bride at our store.”

The entire family is given a designated time and date for the final delivery of the wedding jewellery. The appointment is scheduled at an hour when the store is relatively empty or has low number visitors.

The family is greeted in a very special manner and the celebration of the joyous occasion starts with a small cake cutting ritual. It is followed with a rather extraordinary moment of delight.

“The bride is made to adorn the jewellery that is handed over to them. She is asked to step onto a soft clay frame for their footprints to get immortalized. This, we eventually gift to the bride’s family as a memory from KK Jewels,” said Kabra.

It creates a lifetime of memory for the family and strengthens the bond between the brand and the family.

Kabra said that the event varies from customer to customer. The whole idea is to make the bride and her family feel special about their buy from KK Jewels. “The response has been incredible. Most families shed a happy tear or two during the event,” Kabra said.


Courtesy: As published in The Retail Jeweller India magazine


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