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Kisna marks milestone with the launch of its ninth exclusive showroom in Jammu



The brand aims to create a strong presence in North India in line with its current retail expansion strategy

Kisna, the diamond jewellery brand from Hari Krishna Group, has just inaugurated its first franchise showroom in Jammu, its ninth exclusive outlet in the country. The new showroom showcases the brand’s commitment to making diamond jewellery accessible to all Indian women, catering to diverse tastes and budgets. The grand opening witnessed the presence of celebrated actor Jasmin Bhasin, along with Ghanshyam Dholakia, Founder & Managing Director, Hari Krishna Group, and Parag Shah, Director, Kisna.

Jammu, known for its unique and distinct jewellery designs, becomes the latest destination for Kisna as it opens its exclusive showroom at Aquaf Market. The brand’s expansion aims to provide modern Indian women with a variety of high-quality and trendsetting designs suitable for everyday wear and festive occasions. With a successful distribution model, Kisna already boasts 3500+ outlets across the country, solidifying its position as a diamond jewellery brand in India.

Speaking at the showroom launch, Ghanshyam Dholakia expressed his excitement, stating, “We are elated to establish Kisna’s first showroom in Jammu and introduce our latest designs. Our mission is to make diamonds accessible to all women in the country, and this expansion is a step closer to fulfilling every woman’s dream of owning diamond jewellery. At the new showroom, we invite consumers to experience the expertise of the Hari Krishna Group and choose from a wide range of diamond and gold jewellery suitable for every occasion.”

Parag Shah added, “The launch of our store in Jammu marks the next phase of growth and expansion for Kisna. With the city’s reputation for unique jewellery designs, we are eager to curate jewellery that resonates with local preferences and caters to the growing demand in the State. Our roadmap includes making diamonds accessible to women across the country while providing the highest standards of customer service.”

With the successful opening of its showroom in Jammu, Kisna continues to strengthen its presence in northern India and solidifies its commitment to bringing exquisite diamond jewellery to women across the country.

Courtesy: earlytimes.in

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