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KISNA launches new collection of special designs for women



This Women’s Day, KISNA offers an assortment of designs for women

A woman plays multiple roles throughout her life, impacting all the lives around her. She is a mother, daughter, partner, sister, aunt, colleague, amongst many other roles that she takes on every day. Acing each role, she constantly redefines herself to become the best version of herself while helping all those around her. Every role reflects apart of her personality that makes her contribution to all our lives, invaluable. Just as this, the contribution that she offers should be appreciated not just on the occasion of International Women’s Day, but every day!

On this celebratory occasion, it is important to make one feel special by letting her know that she is valued and celebrated each day for all that she does for you. This Women’s Day, celebrate these women by gifting them their (a woman’s)best friend – a diamond who’s sparkle perfectly echoes excellence and love that they show us.

Bangles for your mother

A mother is your first confidant and a forever cheerleader. There is no gift that is worthy enough to express your gratitude for all that she has done for you over the years but it’s always important to value her presence in your life. Gift her beautifully designed bangles from KISNA Diamond and Gold Jewellery and see how she is filled with joy!

Bracelet for your sister


It is said that in sister you have a little bit of your childhood that is never lost. She is the one who knows all your secrets and always has your back. The bond you share with your sister is sacred and she deserves to be celebrated. Gift her a sparkling bracelet from KISNA Diamond and Gold Jewellery and let her know how much she means to you.

Ring for your partner

For that special someone who is close to your heart, you need something special. Gift her the most beautifully designed rings from KISNA Diamond and Gold Jewellery and let her know that she adds the right sparkle to your life!

Earrings for your daughter

A daughter is god’s blessing in human form and one’s pride. Let her be cherished for all the happiness and joy that she adds to your life. Gift her earrings from KISNA Diamond and Gold Jewellery, as the collection is delicate, trendy and includes dangling statement pieces for your princess.

Necklace for your best friend

Friends are the cherished people in your life that always match your vibe and your life is incomplete without your friends. Whether it is going for brunch or for that shopping trip, your friend is going to be your best companion. Give her a perfect gift of a fashionable necklace from the wide variety available at KISNA Diamond and Gold Jewellery and let her know how much you cherish her friendship.

Pendant for your aunt

There is always a woman in your family who you are constantly inspired by, and this woman has always had your back, right from your childhood. Appreciate this aunt for the undying confidence she has had in you on women’s day by giving her an elegant diamond pendant from KISNA Diamond and Gold Jewellery that can amp up her look.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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