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Keshavji Chhaganlal Jewellers gives out 25 gm gold coin to winner of its lucky draw competition




The brand had organized a lucky draw competition, in which a customer who lives almost 150 kilometres away from the brand’s showroom, won a 25 gram gold coin. The jeweller regularly organizes in-store activities to expand its customer base

Jamshedpur: Keshavji Chhaganlal Jewellers thrive on in-store activities. It’s a great practice to nurture age-old and first-time buyers, believes Hitesh Adesara, brand director. One of the reasons is to ensure good brand recall amidst the mounting degree of competition in the industry, with some chain store brands ramping up the number of engagements they have within and outside showrooms across India. This two-showroom brand in Jamshedpur has played its cards right with offers, and a glittering example of that is the Indian Jewellery Shopping Festival that took place in October 2023.

The brand had organized a lucky draw competition, in which a customer named Sohel Ahmad won a 25-gram gold coin. The efficacy of the activity was such that the winner came from almost 150 kilometers away from the brand’s showroom. The brand had raised coupons worth Rs 16 lakhs. People buying above Rs 20,000 were given coupons. Adesara also gave away diamonds and gold coins for customers with low-ticket purchases as there was a separate offer for them. 


“The coupon was drawn in his son’s name and when we called him to congratulate him for winning, he didn’t believe it. After giving a lot of proof, he came. We calculated his TDS and completed all documentation beforehand,” said Adesara.

What followed after the victory is of great learning. “After getting 25 grams of gold coin as a gift, the customer bought 35 grams worth of gold jewellery. That instance of upselling is the high point of any inbound engagement activity in retail,” he added.

Offers and activities benefit the customer in so many ways. Every customer has this habit of asking for valid offers whenever they walk in. Therefore, the brand keeps having 4-5 such lucky draws or schemes in a year. This practice has been ongoing for 10 years. “Five years before, when we launched a new showroom, we organized a lucky draw in which we gave away three 4-wheelers and four 3-wheelers,” he maintained. 

The ultimate aim is to get new and young customers interested in the brand. It takes several interactions for a young customer to get converted into a trustworthy clientele, says Adesara, adding that a discerning buyer will explore all possible choices and verify the positioning of the brand to ultimately think of purchase. Old clients can be managed properly, but these offers and activities are successful when they bring in new inquiries. 

Instead of online integration, it makes more sense for Keshavji Chhaganlal Jewellers to call prospective clients and tell them about their existing offers. That’s because old customers won’t bother much about buying specific designs in gold. They treat gold as a source of investment. 

A lot of steps need to be taken to appeal to young customers, on the other hand. One needs to show various designs so that they can match their dresses and occasions with the same to get an entire look justified. The sales staff also has to be knowledgeable in terms of current designs and trends. 

“While they seek information, it often happens that they are confused about their choices. Thus, it becomes imperative for a jeweller to guide them along their tentative preferences and also how they look. If someone has a broad neck, we advise to go for a longer necklace instead of chokers,” concluded Adesara, underlining how activities continue to be the entry points for first-time jewellery buyers.

Engagements are a norm for jewellery brands across scale, and Keshavji Chhaganlal Jewellers conducts 4-5 schemes and activities a year to bring in new customers successfully. This practice has been ongoing for 10 years

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