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‘Your sign, Your design!’: Kalyan Jewellers’ Candere encourages young talent by a designing contest




Candere by Kalyan Jewellers, one of India’s online fine jewellery boutiques, has taken a step with ‘Envisage- Your sign. Your design!’ designing contest. Through this design the brand judged the creative talents of young jewellery designers, offering internships to those who shined through.

With unique and interesting concepts in their designs that gave them an edge over other participants, the winners of the contest were Tanuja Susarla from Vogue Institute of Art & Design (Bengaluru) and Komal Nagdeo from JD Institute of Fashion Technology (Bengaluru). As the winners, they were offered a 3-month guided internship wherein they would be given a chance to launch the collections designed by them.

“Our youth is the untapped reservoir of the country. We wanted to tap into this rich talent pool, bringing forth newer ideas and designs that are distinct from what we usually find around. This is essentially why we came up with this campaign. Through Envisage, Candere aimed at giving young minds the opportunity to come and work with our team and get hands-on experience and insight into this robustly-growing market of fine jewellery,” Rupesh Jain, founder and CEO, Candere said.

The pan-Indian campaign by Candere tactfully combined the rising need for unique jewellery designs by bringing onboard fashion enthusiasts looking for industry exposure through internships.

Courtesy: Economic Times

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