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Jos Alukkas unveils ‘Shubha Mangalyam’, with wedding jewellery styles from various regions



Jewellery pieces in the ‘Shubha Mangalyam Bridal Collections-2023 Festive Edition’ have been made by traditional craftsmen hailing from States like Rajasthan, Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh

The Jos Alukkas Jewellery Group has unveiled the ‘Shubha Mangalyam Bridal Collections-2023 Festive Edition’. The jewellery collection was launched by South Indian actors Keerthy Suresh and Anarkali Marikar at a special event held in Chennai.

Going by the insight that the Indian wedding is a joyous coming together of not just two hearts but two whole families, where jewellery rules the roost, Jos Alukkas has designed the collection with a wide spectrum. Each piece of jewellery in the Subha Mangalyam collections is meticulously designed and crafted by skilled designers and traditional craftsmen hailing from various States like Rajasthan, Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh. The unique cultural essence and artistic brilliance of each region is beautifully reflected in every jewellery item. Further, the Shubha Mangalyam collections also features a special range of jewellery designed by Jos Alukkas’ own team of designers.

Jos Alukka, Chairman of Jos Alukkas, said, “This collection is a fusion of wedding jewellery styles from various regions across the country.”

The collection includes exquisite pieces adorned with diamonds and other precious stones set in gold. Each jewellery piece undergoes a rigorous quality check and is imprinted with HUID.”Each wedding is an auspicious moment, and the design of the jewellery reflects the opulence of gold. The Shubha Mangalyam collection captures this auspiciousness,” said Keerthy Suresh while launching Shubha Mangalyam.

“Traditional design elements add to the allure of the Shubha Mangalyam collection,” said Anarkali Marikar.

Jos Alukkas Managing Directors, Varghese Alukka, Paul J Alukka and John Alukka attended the function.

Customers will have the opportunity to buy the Shubha Mangalyamcollections at low making charges. Pure gold jewellery is being offered with making charges starting at just 3.99%. A discount of 20% is offered on diamond jewellery, while platinum creations have a 7% discount. There are gifts galore to add festivity to those buying from the ShubhaMangalyam collection.

Jos Alukkas’ Shubha Mangalyamcollection comprises wedding jewellery sets ranging from five sovereigns of gold to 100 sovereigns of gold. Bookings for the Shubha Mangalyam Bridal Collections-2023 Festive Edition Jewellery have commenced.

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