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Jewel One spreads awareness about ecological preservation by gifting seed balls to jewellery buyers on World Environment Day



Environment preservation is a cause everyone wants to work on. Indeed, there are beliefs galore and every industry stakeholder has the heart at the right place when it comes to saving whatever remains of our earth at the brink of an inevitable climate change. Jewel One, a retail brand from the house of Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd., walked the talk with their seed ball campaign that has got a resounding response.

The brand has been gifting seed balls to every customer. While the initiative begs the question how and where shall any customer with no access to adequate land would use these seed balls, there is a definitive solution to it. Vaideeswaran N, COO of Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd., says, “If you throw the seed balls at any place where there is vermicompost, these balls will germinate within 6-7 days with access to water.”

“As a socially conscious brand, we have been educating, spreading awareness and involving the customers in the resolve for a greener planet. On this June 5, celebrated as World Environment Day, we started distributing seed balls to customers,” said the COO. The initiative also offered buyers to take their selfies within a standee that strives for a greener environment. “There were a lot of inorganic cross promotion of the brand and the respective buyers who uploaded those selfies on their social media channel,” he said.

It only takes a curious, unbiased mind to learn the gravity of this initiative, and the brand witnessed it at their Coimbatore showroom when they celebrated the 60th birthday of a customer. “The entire family of the customer was present. We asked her to use a seed ball on this happy occasion anywhere she likes and come back to the showroom a year later with a picture of a nourished plant she sowed the seed of,” he said. As a result, all 30 members of the family from toddlers to elders accepted the seed balls with pleasure.

This is how a brand captivates its target audience. The motto has always been to project a thought larger than the sole purpose of business, and with such a brilliant initiative, Jewel One has surely made its mark in the minds of children, who would grow along with the seeds they sow and understand the importance of preserving the Nature. That’s perhaps the strongest recall value for any jewellery brand ever.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller Exclusive

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