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JD Solitaire launches ‘Jewels by Radhika’, a sub-brand dedicated to unique couture jewellery



The sub-brand is the brainchild of the brand’s creative director, Radhika Kalsi, and offers an eclectic range of couture pieces meant for power women 

New Delhi: JD Solitaire recently launched a sub-brand ‘Jewels by Radhika’, named after Radhika Kalsi, the creative director of the brand. The day-long launch event unfolded with much pomp and splendour, and saw the brand’s clientele enjoying an elaborate display of couture jewellery and refreshments while socializing with fellow jewellery lovers.

Talking about the sub-brand, Sanjay Kalsi, Founder and MD, JD Solitaire, said, “Jewels by Radhika is the brainchild of Radhika, who has been at the back-end of design and curation of our collections for the last 30 years. Over time, we had a practical, pro-customer approach to designs. But there are very beautiful pieces of jewellery that don’t get made and promoted due to commercial constraints. We felt the need to bring her to the forefront with an eclectic range of couture pieces for businesswomen, lawyers, teachers and professionals.”

This launch aligns with JD Solitaire’s quarterly release of theme-based collections. This time, it was Social Diamonds, the first product line based entirely on lab-grown diamonds in couture. “As the markets change and we get more discerning collections, we come up with thematic collection designs every quarter. We realized that we have been briskly selling grown diamond jewellery and getting a lot of queries as well. Social Diamonds marks JD Solitaire’s official entry into the LGD segment,” Kalsi explained.

The event was held on the third floor of JD Solitaire’s flagship store in New Delhi, with a display of 300 SKUs, of which 20 were lab-grown diamonds and the rest were emerald and coloured stone jewellery. The activity was aimed at in-store promotion of lab-grown and couture jewellery, for which 110 top clients walked in. “We got a very good response and our patrons encouraged us to take lab-grown diamonds seriously. Although it’s not our core competence, this will be a stable category on the sidelines of our main inventory,” said Kalsi, adding that JD Solitaire has been selling grown diamond jewellery for six months. The Social Diamonds range showcases solitaires from 1 to 5 carats in rings and earrings, and the brand is warming up to evolving consumer preferences.

“If you don’t sell grown diamonds, the customers will buy from some other brand. Also, there is a different customer for each different category. On one floor of our building, we have a collaboration with Tribe by Amrapali’s silver jewellery, and we see a lot of cross-selling. Customers do buy silver, diamond and even grown diamonds at one go,” said Kalsi, adding that grown diamonds will become another stable category for JD Solitaire in addition to its bustling customer base of couture jewellery. 

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