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After a premier boutique space in Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai, Jaipur Jewels has unveiled its new store in Delhi’s Sunder Nagar neighbourhood. Spread across 1,200 sq ft, the new space reflects the 150-year-old heritage of the brand, synonymous with understated luxury. “This sensibility is reflected in the Jaipur Jewels’ monogram, logo and motifs, and is subtly incorporated into the furniture and wall designs of the store,” says Kruti Shah, who handles branding and marketing of Jaipur Jewels. The fine detailing and an inspired in-store ambience is likely to provide a unique experience to the discerning consumers.

Choice of location:

The brand’s flagship store in Mumbai was located in a place that is home to industrialists and entrepreneurs — a non-commercial area that allowed Jaipur Jewels to provide a personal, unobtrusive experience to its clientele. In Delhi too, the brand is carrying forth the boutique retail concept. “While expanding into Delhi, we were in search of a location that was in alignment with these aesthetics. Sunder Nagar is centrally located; families in residence there are the most influential names in the capital, and it is an abode to the luxury brands,” says Shah.


The new space showcases the finest of jewellery by the brand, set in premium quality precious metals and studded with exquisite precious and semi-precious stones. Jaipur Jewels is known as the pioneer in jadau jewellery in the Indian market, with a factory in Jaipur. It houses descendants of the original native karigars, who have designed for royalty for centuries. The intricate craftsmanship and the finest minakari enamelling has become a trademark of the brand and can be seen in all the pieces on offer in Delhi.

Bespoke luxury:

One of the highlights of the new space is the bridal consultancy area, where experienced designers transform into personal stylists for the bride, catering to her every desire. This results into pieces that perfectly complement her trousseau. “An additional bespoke service that we provide to our brides is to reinstate their own heirloom pieces with a new sheen and sparkle that makes every cut come alive,” she says.

Collections on offer:

Jaipur Jewels’ recent collection, Myga, is an ode to the invincible bride. “It occupies a beautiful space in the display and features intricate visuals of wings in every design. Then there is Kanaka, the temple jewellery collection, which features hints of holiness with a beauty and grace of the bygone era,” says Shah.

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