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Is it safe to try gold jewellery in Dubai stores?



Dubai gold jewellers have assured shoppers that the jewellery they try on at the local outlets is safe, as they are regularly sterilised to protect consumers and employees from coronavirus.

“There are guidelines that all gold jewellery outlets must follow. If someone tries on gold jewellery in the store, that ornament doesn’t goes back to store – it is sent for necessary sterilisation. There is a daily sterilisation of every jewellery store, just like every shopping mall. Plus, there is strict social distance guidelines of average six customers and four workers,” said Tawhid Abdullah, chairman of Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group.

“In addition to regular use of sanitisers and sterilization, every visitor’s temperature is also measured. All companies are monitoring their staff for Covid-19 and if there is any case, which could happen and is happening, that person is quarantined at home,” added Abdullah.

Known as the city of gold, millions of people visit Dubai ever year, including its popular Gold Souk. Last year, 16 million people visited Dubai.

In order to ensure the safety of employees and visitors, the UAE government has issued a set of guidelines such mandatory use of facemask, regular sterilization and temperature testing of the visitors.

Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group has around 600 members, representing all sectors of the trade including bullion, gold and diamond jewellery manufacturing, wholesale and retail jewellery, precious metals, diamonds and pearl.


Courtesy: Khaleej Times

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