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‘IIJS virtual is going to present a huge range of New collections for the entire industry to stock up for Diwali and wedding season’



Mahendra Tayal of Anmol Jewellers thinks everyone should be positive with their stock at the IIJS. The industry is recovering, and he wants everyone to stay positive and do good business

 What are your thoughts on the IIJS Virtual this year?

It is going to be very successful. Every year, GJEPC puts in a lot of effort into the IIJS. The platform is so big, that people come in with very high expectations. Retailers get what they need, manufacturers sell all they want. I hope every exhibitor and visitor has a great time this year because things will be more streamlined and efficient virtually.

What innovations and new collections do you have on display at the IIJS this time?

We are famous for our lightweight chokers. We have also launched our heavy jewellery collection called ‘Maharani’. This has been inspired by heavy Turkish jewellery and has highlights in rubies and emeralds. It is absolutely new, and no one has seen anything like this before. We have over 1,000 designs in the collection. People are appreciating it and we hope to sell a lot at the IIJS.

What is your sales outlook on the next six months? Any advice for retailers?

Business will be very good because sales improved after the lockdown. The festive season is just beginning and there will be a lot of auspicious buying. Till March, we have some festival or other lined up every 15 days. People are coming in with good buying capacity because prices are stable now. We need new inventory as retailers are hungry to buy. Everyone will do good business. My advice is, be prepared with stock. You never know when you suddenly see demand. Please stay positive. You will do great.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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